Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Beach

One of the hardest things about being so sick the last 12 weeks was the time I missed with my little boy. There were days I barely touched him because I was so sick. He begged me to play games when I could hardly lift my head off the pillow. We played quite a few games of Mickey Mouse Go Fish with me horizontal. He told me so many times that he wished I wasn't sick anymore. I felt the same. So, this week as I have begun to feel better and be sick less, I have tried to take advantage of opportunities with him.

We have had friends in from Mississippi since last Thursday. They got up early Tuesday and headed to the Magic Kingdom. I knew when Jonah got home that we would probably end up in the pool for the afternoon. But, on the way to pick him up, I got the idea to offer the beach as an option. He jumped on that immediately!! So, we ran home to grab our beach stuff and headed out the door.

When we moved here, the Gmitro family passed a huge tub of beach toys on to Jonah. We had not had much of an opportunity to use them. He had plenty of time yesterday. I played with every toy in that bin and loved every minute of it.

As I was getting our things together for the beach, I talked to Reagan to discover they were on their way home but wanted to join us at the beach instead. I knew Jonah would be thrilled with that idea. He was having so much fun with just me but the fun meter jumped a notch when they arrived.

I love the next picture. Little Sara Madalin walked behind her daddy and spotted the sand on his feet. Nothing would do except getting it off. So sweet!

Reagan started digging a hole and Jonah joined right in. Sara Madalin was more concerned with getting inside the hole rather than helping them dig.

We had such a fun, sticky, sweaty, exhausting day. As you can see, my little guy was OUT for the ride home!!


Malinda said...

Jon, Jon, Jon! Our girl loves that boy. Try to have fun without us.

The Glenn Gang said...

I got rid of the tears over you leaving by telling Jonah he could have a dum-dum every time he got sad about SM leaving. Worked like a charm!

P.S. Could you mail me some Dum-Dum's? We are almost out now!!!

Barb said...

Love that pic of the two kids in the water with the sun reflecting right on them. Beautiful!

BTW, I MUST come visit you guys - the beach, Disney, and a fun little guy to enjoy it all with sounds like my idea of heaven.


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