Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vidalia Visitors

A few weeks ago, we had two very special visitors from Vidalia. Jimmy and Cathy Hibbs came to spend almost a week with us. Jimmy was my boss the entire 7 years we lived there. They attended our church and were in my Sunday School class for the last year. I saw them at least six out of every seven days each week. He had the longest time to get used to the thought of us leaving of anyone. Because of the nature of my job, I needed to let him in on the possibility of us moving. He new 3 months before anyone else. He was never happy about the decision. He was one of Dan's references and actually told a search committee member that "Dan would do a fairly good job now that he was sober and quit beating me and that I have almost repaid the $20,000 I embezzled from the company." My oh my! What a character he is! Even with all of that, we were SUPER excited to see them.

We did not tell Jonah who we were getting from the airport. He guessed everyone starting with Uncle Clare and Mammy...including God. (Who knew God flies into Orlando International Airport??) He stood at the glass and watched all the people walk by. He kept saying "I don't see any body!" Then, Jimmy and Cathy appeared. It was so sweet to see him run to Jimmy and hug him. (see video below)

We did lots of fun things with them. We had to make at least one stop at Red Lobster because that is Cathy's most favorite place to eat. After Red Lobster, we showed them the Daytona Speedway then we headed to the beach.

We drove along the beach for a really long time then decided to get back on the road and head to Ponce Inlet to see the lighthouse. There were hardly any people there. Jonah wanted to stay and play but we promised to take him back soon.

They went to both morning services with us Sunday at SBC then kept Jonah at home for church that night since we both had meetings after church. I think they were more than fine to spend some extra time with Jonah without us around!!

We got up Monday and headed to the Magic Kingdom for the day. Jimmy had never been and Cathy had not been since 1976. We had so much fun experiencing Disney through their eyes. It is always fun to go with someone who has never been or hasn't been in a long time. We enjoyed watching them and they enjoyed watching Jonah. It was a fun day all around. We didn't get home until almost 1 a.m. That is close to the time that Jimmy gets up on a typical work day.

It was so much fun to have them here. Jonah thinks they are his grandparents. Jimmy had a carseat in his car and picked Jonah up from school many times. It wasn't uncommon to be getting dressed on Sunday mornings and hear a knock at the door and find Jimmy standing there in hopes of getting Jonah for a little while before church. He always stopped by to take him for ice cream and took him even though we told him Jonah had not eaten supper yet. They love him and I know it has been tough on them since we moved away. But, thanks to SKYPE, this blog, cell phones and Southwest Airlines, those 14 hours don't seem quite so far away.


Anonymous said...

What do you consider "a long time"? Do we qualify? See ya real soon.

Anonymous said...

What do you consider "a long time"? Do we qualify? See ya real soon.


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