Friday, April 30, 2010

The last of Christmas 2009

Last November, Denise asked me to give her ideas for Jonah's Christmas. Since they are a huge soccer family, I told her Jonah was starting soccer in the spring but didn't have any gear yet. She jumped right on that and sent us a big box full of soccer supplies for him. After the box arrived, we realized soccer did not start until April. We knew that if he opened that box in December that he would not understand why he could not play right then.
So, I asked Denise if I could put their gift in the closet and pull it out when it was time for soccer season. On the morning of his first soccer practice, I pulled the gift out and told him it was his Christmas gift from Pops and NeNe. He was somewhat confused about it being a "Christmas" gift. But, that didn't keep him from tearing into it.
Of everything in the box, he was most excited about the blue water thermos. He wanted to immediately put water in it and drink some. He would look at the next thing then go right back to the blue thermos.

This video of Dan and Jonah playing makes me laugh. Mainly because Max is quite the defender and Jonah is all of the sudden a soccer know it all.

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NeNe said...

so looking forward to coming and watching him play!!!! SO glad he liked everything. We love y'all!!!!
Oh, PS. I bought him a couple of things at Target today - so be expecting a package - YAY


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