Sunday, April 25, 2010

Egg Hunt & Dyeing Eggs

Our sweet neighbors invited us over for dinner and an egg hunt the day before Easter. Jonah and Jaxon were more excited about the egg hunt than they were dinner. They ate as fast as they could then we got down to the business of hunting eggs.

The dads went to the front yard to hide the eggs while the moms and Jaxon's grandparents kept the boys entertained in the back. As soon as the fence opened, they took off!

Jonah found lots of eggs quickly. Jaxon took more time to explore the yard and check everything out. Then, Jonah started rehiding his eggs so Jaxon could find them.

After the egg hunt, we went back into their backyard so the boys could play for a while. Jonah loves Jaxon's sandbox and fort. But, nothing brought as much joy as the bubble machine.

We still had eggs to color so Jonah told Jaxon goodbye and we walked next door to our house.
This was the least climatic egg experience we have ever had. I was very sick and only took pictures. I forgot to buy vinegar to enhance the color. And, it was already past Jonah's bedtime. But, he had fun and really, that is all that matters.

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