Thursday, April 15, 2010

Building a wall

Several weeks ago, Jonah was playing with his blocks while watching TV. He asked me to take a picture of his wall. I was already sick with this little baby and had no idea where my camera was so I told him no. He turned around and said "You don't take any pictures of me!" Um, yeah right! But, he turned around a couple of times and smiled just to show me how he would smile for the camera. So, I got up and found mine. So glad I did! Otherwise, I would have already forgotten this ordinary day!


Penny said...

Cute! As a Kindergarten teacher, I LOVE the fact that the blocks have lowercase letter on them too. Where did you find those? Would love them for grandkids and my class.

Barb said...

That poor little boy - he never gets his picture taken. It's a wonder we even know what he looks like! ;) LOL, that's one thing he definitely can't say. Cute pics!


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