Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine Cookies

Dan, his mom and his grandmother all wanted to see Avatar but I had zero interest so we took Margie up on her offer to make Valentine cookies with her family and Tracy & Mikenzie. I'm so glad we did. We had so much fun and made some incredible looking (and tasting) cookies.

I was afraid we might lose Jonah at the beginning. I saw him standing at the door staring out at the water and Buckshot, the dog. I felt sure he would rather be outside than with all of us girls making cookies. I was wrong. All I had to do was tell him he could make his on and he was in...100%!

Margie is so very sweet to our little boy...and us! She was one of the first emails we got from DeLand after Dan was voted in as pastor. She has loved and supported our family and made us part of hers. It is such a sweet thing to make a connection with families in the church. It makes you feel so much closer to home.
Boo Bear was with us for this adventure. We tried to include him in everything that weekend so he would have some fun things in his journal. We didn't want to be the family that let him down.

It was fun to spend the day with Mikenzie. She and Jonah have become big buddies. They have spent tons of time together of the last month. It is so different being around a girl but so much fun.

Margie came over and dusted Jonah and Mikenzie's faces with flour so they would look like real bakers. Jonah did not like that idea. He immediately started trying to get the flour off. Mikenzie was fine with it.

Frank came in and asked Jonah to make a cookie for him. After watching Jonah make the cookie, I told Frank he might need some antibiotics with it. Jonah wiped his nose a couple of times then kept on decorating. Obviously, Frank is a grandpa because he ate it with sheer delight.

We had such a fun time with Margie, Cathy and Jenifer! They have been so good to our family and we just adore all of them. My little boy thinks he is home there and I love it!

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Cristi said...

That first picture of Jonah wiping the flour off looks like he is showing her his muscles and fist as if he is saying "Do that again, and this is what you get!" lol Is that the frosting that hardens sort of like a candy coating? If so I need that recipe!!


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