Monday, February 22, 2010


Jonah: Mommy, we need to talk about me taking a nap today.

Me: Okay, what do I need to know?

Jonah: I'm not feeling it today, okay?

Me: (Giggles)

Jonah: This isn't a joke mommy, this is a conversation!!


Barb said...

I love that kid!

Aunt Debra said...

I have told you all along this child is brilliant. He is already anticipating getting Lammie taken from him and is preventing that by getting you on the same page as he is. Genius! I believe your are in trouble now and not down the road!

Ben Beck said...

You ought to start compiling all these stories and quotes into a book. . . by the time he's 5 or 6, you could have a best seller on your hands!


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