Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sea World

****EDIT: This post was uploaded last night and scheduled to post today. I am editing it to let you know this was out here before the tragedy at Sea World earlier today. The events that took place today happened in Shamu Stadium which you will see in this post. So very sad and tragic!****

On President's Day, Jonah and I braved the crowds and headed to Sea World. I had no idea how crazy it would be there. WOW! The parking lot was insane. If there would have been a way out, I would have just turned around. It got better once we were inside the park. Especially when Jonah spotted Shamu!

My little boy loves a map. Each time we enter a gate of one of the parks, he starts asking for his map. Cracks us up!

He was pretty fascinated with the underwater viewing area for the killer whales. They would swim right up to the window. Jonah was convinced they were coming just to see him.

We headed over to Shamu stadium to see the killer whale show. We got in our seats about 30 minutes before the show started. So, we had to pass the time. We used the camera to do that. I would name a kind of face (silly face, sleepy face, etc.) and Jonah would act it out. The people around us all enjoyed the side show!

That all ended once the show started because the following face is all I saw once the whales came out.

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