Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jonah's preschool party

Jonah left for school Friday morning all excited about his Valentine party. He had a box full of Valentine goodies for his 14 friends and gifts for his teachers. I got him to stop for a picture while Max sniffed out the goodies.

I love how Jonah still calls this "my new school." I love that he adores Ms. Nancy and Ms. Denise. I love how every time we talk about cherries, he informs me about the time George Washington cut down the cherry tree. I love that he knows sign language for all the letters through R. I love that he has chapel every week and can tell me knew things about God that we have never talked about with him. I love that he prays for his friends every night. I love that he loves school.

After we left his school party, we had to run to the property tax appraisers office to apply for homestead exemption. Jonah sat on the couch and played a game on Dan's iphone. I snapped these pictures because he looked like a little boy...not a preschooler.

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