Saturday, February 13, 2010

IPhone Photos (Part 1)

On Valentine's Day last year, I got an Iphone from my wonderful boss! I've been taking pictures on that phone for a year now and none of them have ever made the blog. I have uploaded a few of them to Facebook over the past year but I know lots of my readers aren't on Facebook. So, I decided to go through the 500+ pictures on there and choose some of my favorites. I'm gonna post 20 or so each time. Some will have explanations, some won't need one.

The first picture in my
Iphone folder is this one. It cracks me up each time I see it. Dan was away at school when Jimmy gave me my phone. Jonah had an appointment with Docka Russ. I don't remember what was going on here but he was pouting about something. I took this picture and sent it to Dan to show him what he was missing! :-)

My first Wednesday night to keep the nursery after getting my phone was one of Eli's first few times in the nursery. I took several pics on my phone to send to his mommy so she would know he was okay!

The next night, we had one of our weekly Thursday night dinners at Sue's house. These pictures are especially memorable now because of the pictures of Tommy. The one of him holding his water in front of his face makes me smile. As much as he loved taking pictures, he did not like having his picture taken.

Later that night, Jonah wanted to help Amanda change Eli's diaper. He was so sweet to him and was all about "helping!"

We had lunch at Subway the next week and a certain 2 year old that was with us broke the counter. Not on purpose though! He was trying to see and wasn't quite tall enough. When he tried to pull up to see, the whole thing came down. Um, OOPS!


Amanda said...

Wow! Those pics are really old, but I loved seeing them! Can't wait to see what else you have :)

Avery's Mommy said...

My iPhone is full of pics like this too. I need to get to work!


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