Monday, February 8, 2010

"I'm Going to DisneyWorld!!"

When we heard Drew Brees was going to be in a ticker tape parade at Disney World today, we decided we had to go! Dan took an extended lunch break and we headed over to the Magic Kingdom. I wanted Jonah to go but he kept saying "I don't want to go to Disney World!" We knew the magic would wear off one day but I didn't think it would happen so soon! Actually, I think he was just so happy to have undivided attention from his GiGi and Granny B that he chose to stay home.

As we were sitting on the curb waiting for the parade, we noticed the Fleur
de Lis on top of the buildings on Main Street. It was as if even Disney was rooting for the Saints to win the big game.

I was a bit surprised to see the generic color scheme of the parade. I felt sure they would be decked out in Black and Gold and have the Saints logo everywhere. I mean, after all, this IS Disney. They tend to go ALL OUT!!!
We had incredible seats and got some great shots of the Louisiana hero. It was a fun experience.


LeAndMatt said...

sooooo SUPER jealous of you! i tweeted that I would take Jonah spot but I don't think I would meet the age requirement for the ticket nor could I travel fast enough from Jackson!

What a wonderful event to share with your hubby!


rob h said...

Is that Deuce McAllister driving the car?

Jami Ainsworth said...

What a great week to be a Disney!


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