Thursday, February 18, 2010

Helping People

I did some cooking this afternoon for different people. My neighbors are in the midst of moving so I made brownies for them. There is a couple in our church with a little boy who just turned a year old and she is pregnant. SICK and pregnant. I think back to those three months that I was so sick with Jonah and have such compassion and empathy for anyone with that kind of sickness. I can't imagine doing it with a 12 month old at home.

Anyway, I was cutting fruit up for them when Jonah walked in to ask what I was doing. I told him I was making food for sick people and busy people. We talked about helping people. We talked things that we can do to help our friends and family. Then, I left.

I got home right after Dan put him to bed so I went back to kiss him goodnight. He said "Mommy, did you help people feel better?" I told him that I hoped they felt better but all I did was take food to them. He said "Mommy, it is so nice of you to help people feel better. Do you remember when Daddy helped people die?"

HA! He remembered Dan leaving one day a couple of weeks ago because a church member was dying. I guess he thinks Dan helped them. Man, he is powerful...or a murderer!


Amber said...

ha!!!! This cracked me up!!! too funny! tell dan to stay away from me! LOL

Penny said...

LOL Dan Glenn on America's Most Wanted! =)


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