Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wrapping up Universal Studios

Ok, this Universal Studios post has gone on long enough. I think there are already 5 posts on the blog from that day. It was a month ago that we went and we were only there for one day. How many posts can you people bear to see? So, I'm gonna finish the day with this one post. Here goes...

As you know, the whole reason we went to Universal that day was because someone gave us free tickets because of Jonah's love of the Grinch. They work there and wanted him to experience Grinchmas. It only happens one time a year for about 6 weeks so we were super grateful for the opportunity. And, our little Grinch lover had the time of his life.

We had an extra shirt in his bag in case his Grinch shirt got dirty. I was glad I grabbed a Cat in the Hat shirt since that definitely fit the theme of Seuss Landing. We quickly put his Cat in the Hat shirt on over his Grinch shirt before we met the Cat. Those pictures were posted a couple of weeks ago. You can click HERE to see them.

We watched the stage show of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and even got to see real snow. We thought that might be the closest thing to snow we would see in Florida. Little did we know, the weather this week would trump that.

Jonah fell asleep in the line to ride The Cat in the Hat. He was exhausted. He barely slept the night before because he was so fired up about meeting his green friend. By mid-day, he could barely function. There was a 35 minute wait to ride so Dan promised him he would wake him up when it was our turn. He got about a 15 minute siesta then he was ready to go again.
There was a place in Seuss Landing that the Who's of Whoville could decorate you for Christmas. The had an especially fun time with Jonah since he was wearing a Grinch shirt and holding a Grinch doll. They said they needed to De-Grinchify him.

We left Islands of Adventure and headed around the lake to Universal Studios. The first person we spotted was Diego. Jonah asked to see his backpack then asked where Dora was. Diego told him Dora was in the Macy's parade and he should watch for her. Jonah took him very literal.

He rode a couple of rides then we got our spot for the Macy's parade so we could watch for Dora. As the policeman rode in on their motorcycles, one stopped and motioned for Jonah to come out to see him.

The parade is meant to be a miniature version of what you would see in New York at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. While I love a parade, I have ZERO desire to ever go to NYC to see that one. I can't imagine the madness there during that time. I love NYC but I'd rather go without that huge crowd.
He finally spotted Dora but I got his face rather than hers. It is cute to see him at this age because he believes she is the real Dora who is on the cartoons. I love the unquestionable faith he has.

We had a fun, fun day that was full of memories. I'm so grateful we live in the age of digital cameras so we can capture all of this and not have to spend a fortune to have them developed. We got back to our hotel, got Jonah down for the night then I just had to grab my camera again. A perfect ending to a day with the Grinch!


Barb said...

So was Jonah okay being de-grinchified, but not with pixie dust, huh? Looks like a really fun day.

Kacie said...

Just had to tell you - Jonah is one of the cutest little boys I've ever seen!


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