Monday, January 11, 2010

Poor Word Choice

If you are my friend on Facebook, then you know there has been a bit of an issue with Jonah at naptime. It started early last week and as a result, he got Lammy taken away. I've taken quite a hit from a few Vidalia friends about taking Lammy away. But, I had to prove to Jonah that I was serious. Lammy only missed one naptime and one night with Jonah and then he earned him back. Well, this afternoon, Lammy was taken again. I walked in Jonah's room during naptime and he was out of his bed playing. I put Jonah back in the bed then took Lammy and put him in the closet. There were many tears.

Just a few minutes ago, I was putting Jonah to bed and he asked for Lammy. I reminded him that if he plays during naptime then he loses Lammy. He said "Can I please have Lammy back, mommy?" I said "No, you lost Lammy!" He sat straight up in bed, looked at me, smiled and then said "Oh, I didn't lose him. He is in the closet. You can get him for me, okay?"

Note to self: Next time, choose better words.


destinmimi said...

You do know children don't continue to take naps until they are grown, right? LOL, He is already past the age lots of kids give their naps up! Poor Jonah - give that baby his Lammy!!

The Glenn Gang said...

In my defense, he was yawning and stumbling all the way to his bed. AND, the three previous days he took 3 hour naps each day. I don't push naps unless I know he is sleepy! I'm not a nap nazi, Mimi! :-)

destinmimi said...

Okay then...but I'm with your other Ms-Lou peeps... find something else to take away!! Sounds like Lammy is more than just his fav...more like his security item...hard to deal with not having that at age 3.. I know that you are an incredible mom and will only do what's best for Jonah..just something to think, Mimi!!!

Aunt Debra said...

First-I love you! You will well remember I was not a fan of "re-direction"! Okay, it worked. Still did not like it! This tops that!!! Jonah is close to perfect in my book, so it broke my heart (as I know it did yours) that he was hurting. Sure hope the end result is so good this will not have to happen again! P.S. For the first time I can say without sadness, good thing your are in FL. lol

Beppa said...

Ha, gotta give him credit, he's pretty sharp! Great comeback for a 3 year old :)


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