Thursday, January 7, 2010

Books to Bed

A couple of years ago at Mistletoe Marketplace, I came across a booth with the cutest set of boxed pajamas. The brand was BOOKS TO BED. The boxes had a set of pajamas the corresponded with a popular children's book. At the time, we read Jonah "Guess How Much I Love You" numerous times a day. I was so happy to see they offered that one in his size. I quickly grabbed one only to discover they were almost $50. I promptly put it right back on the shelf. Super cute idea? Yep! Way to expensive for pajamas? Yep!

Well, some time last year, Jennifer Russ called to tell me Growing Pains was closing so I headed over there to check out the sales. There was one rack of 75% off and I found one of the Books to Bed Sets. I got it for $10!! Savvy shopper? Yep! I had to buy a larger size than what Jonah wore at the time because it was the only size she had left. He is finally big enough to wear them so we had a fun little story time in our room Tuesday night. He was kind of impressed that his dinosaur pajamas matched his dinosaur book.

After we finished story time, he ran into the living room to give his daddy a hug and kiss. Typically bedtime is daddy's domain but since he was happily doing laundry, I convinced Jonah to let me do the bedtime routine. :-)


Baylee's Mommy said...

Such a cute idea. BTW he looks like such a big boy!

Rachel Boldman said...

Yup! Keri and I are sorority sisters and we have been great friends for years. We were in each others weddings, about 3 weeks apart! I miss her! We were in the process of candidating here in Missouri while you guys were in the process there. I love Deland! I hope you are liking your new home!

I'm so happy to "meet" you! Reading through your blog, it seems like we have a lot in common!


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