Thursday, December 10, 2009

Smoothies for Breakfast

Jonah is ALL about helping these days. I can hardly do anything in the kitchen without him offering his services. Fortunately, I have found a few things that he can do all by himself. He made our breakfast Tuesday morning with very little help from me.

Jonah's first school program

Jonah's first school program was last night. It was a tad bit chaotic due to a fire in their sanctuary the day before. They had to move everything to the Family Life Center a the last minute. I only have a couple of videos because I used my SLR camera with my zoom lens during the program. Dan used our regular camcorder. So, I used my little P&S for the last two songs. This is one of them. You will notice Jonah dancing, then picking his nose at the very beginning. Would it be a preschool program without a few nose pickers? Nah! And, just so you know, Jonah is on the far left and McKenzie, a little girl from our church is next to him. The little boy on the front with dark hair is our neighbor, Aaron. They were placed perfectly for me to get pictures of all of them together.

I have TONS of pictures to edit and LOTS of video to show you but that will have to wait until I have time to get it done. My mom was DYING to see a sneak peek so this will have to do until I can do better! :-)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reed wants a sister

A couple of years ago, I met a super nice family from Tennessee through their blog...LANDLIFE. They had just adopted their baby boy and I read their entire story and just wept. It was such a precious culmination of God's grace through their heartache of infertility. We started communicating and realized we had lots of things in common. I have followed the journey of their family since then and think they are such super people...and wonderful parents.

They are in the process of raising funds so they can adopt a baby girl. If you want to read about them, click HERE. I am doing a Tupperware Fundraiser for them right now so if you need anything, this is the PERFECT time to buy. 100% of my commission goes to their adoption fund. Dan & I have such a heart for adoption so their journey is very close to my heart.

They have told all of their blog readers and Facebook followers that it is through tomorrow only but since I'm late posting this, I'm going to continue this through Sunday. So, please look around to see if there is anything you could use from Tupperware and help Reed get his little sister!!!

Click HERE to go to my Tupperware website to help the Land family bring their little girl home.

Growing Boy

When our family or people from Vidalia look at the blog, we get an overwhelming response about how much Jonah has grown. It doesn't seem like that to us because we see him every day. Jimmy Hibbs even called one day to say that we needed to keep up with it on the wall so we would have a documentation of it.

Monday night, Dan put Jonah in a pair of pajamas that fit just a few weeks ago. I heard him say "This will be the last time he wears these." I walked in to find him in a pair of high water pj pants. Dan decided then to go grab the tape measure and a pencil so we can start watching this.

ICE at the Gaylord

Granny and Granddaddy came to visit for an early Christmas a couple of weeks ago. They got here the Friday night after Thanksgiving. Dan and his dad got up early the next morning to play golf while Linda, Jonah and I hung around the house. When they got home a little after lunch, we all headed to Orlando to see ICE at The Gaylord Palms. I found a shirt I bought on clearance for Jonah last year that was just perfect for the occasion. The exhibit was a chilly 9 degrees.

I also took a coat I bought that same day. I never imagine I would not need a thick winter coat for him. But, at least he got to wear it at least once. The coat was $50 originally (it is SUPER thick) but was marked down to $4.99 at The Children's Place. My boss actually found it for me. Before you went into the exhibit, they showed a quick film about the making of the exhibit. Jonah and Dan were obviously enthralled at this point.

It didn't take long for Jonah to lose his coat because he was burning up and for Dan to start checking the score of the MS State/Ole Miss ballgame score.

After the video, we got in line for our Parkas. None of the adults dressed too warm because I read online that they provide Parkas and require you to wear them.

Jonah kept his heavy black coat on but before we stepped inside, we put a blue parka on him also. He wasn't happy at first because it was so confining but he quickly warmed up to the idea. (pun totally intended!)

Pictures really don't do this exhibit justice. It was absolutely amazing!! Josh and Amanda went to the Gaylord in Dallas to see theirs. It was a GRINCH theme. As you know, Jonah LOVES the Grinch so I hope they get that one here soon. My friend Jeff (who works for Gaylord) says it was in Nashville last year. Hopefully Orland is next!

I posted these pictures to Facebook the night we went and Dan got lots of comments about his "purse!" HA! Sorry babe! He was kind enough to hold my camera bag so I could hold my camera. I just got a new flash for my SLR (amazing color, huh?) and it makes my camera much more bulky. So, please disregard Dan's purse from this point forward. :-)

My most favorite picture of the day. Jonah is such a "smile on command" kid that when his smile is genuine for a picture it just melts my heart. Especially when he is with his mommy in that picture.

Funny sign. It made us laugh. "When your nose gets kinda runny, some people think it's funny. But it's SNOT! Please take a tissue!" HA!
I know Jonah's face looks miserable in the last picture but he is blowing his hot chocolate to cool it off. Apparently, blowing is a technique he has not mastered.

Way back WHENsday

This time last year, Dan and I had a super fun night hanging with the Hargon girls. I took lots of pictures of them all dressed in their Christmas pajamas. This one popped up on my screen saver today so I had to use it for my Way Back WHENsday post. Marlie just so happened to turn 4 years old Monday. This picture reminds me just how hard moving is. We love this family and miss them so much.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tough to be a dog!

Go Tell It On the Mountain

In case you didn't get to see this on Facebook last night.

From Santa

Click HERE to see Jonah's special message from Santa

Monday, December 7, 2009

One Lord One Faith

Back in November, our church presented a Worship Experience called ONE LORD ONE FAITH. We took Jonah Friday night unsure of how he would behave. He was mesmerized. He directed half of it and could not understand why we kept pushing his arms lower. (We didn't want him to be a distraction to others!) He sang, he clapped, he worshiped! There are 4 short videos at the end of this post for you to see just what I mean.


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