Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wonder Pets Theme Song


Jonah took a bite of ravioli then said "these are going down in to my tummy to have a party with all of their friends."

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jonah Stories

Jonah: Daddy, we got you some new pajamas at Targets. (yes, he always adds an S)
Me: Jonah, that was supposed to be a secret.
Jonah: (whispers in Dan's ear) Daddy, we got you some new pajamas.

After lunch, we took Jonah to the Santa Shop at Stetson Baptist Christian School. They have a little shop set up where kids can shop for their family members and get the gift wrapped so they can have their own little surprises under the tree. We walked in to find lots of church members who were more than willing to help Jonah shop and spend his $10. We left him in their care with his money and my camera. After some time, Jonah and Kathy Walrath come back to Dan's office with three gifts. One was small and said To Mommy From Jonah. The next one was a tad bit larger and said To Daddy From Jonah. The biggest said To Jonah From Jonah. Kathy said there were some softies in that group who helped him find a present for himself.

Well, being three years old and completely clueless about the whole Christmas gift idea, Jonah wanted to open gifts right away. He gave us ours and told us to open them. We kept telling him that we needed to wait until Christmas. He finally started opening his and said "Christmas is about baby Jesus so that is why I am opening my presents know, okay? Reggie, Dan and I all laughed! Sometimes I am glad other people get to experience these conversations just to prove we aren't making these things up!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A few family pictures

Space Shuttle Launch

On the day Dan's mom flew back to Mississippi, I was on the way home from the airport when my phone rang. My friend and favorite hula hooper, Reagan called and mentioned the shuttle launch. I told him that we hoped to see one at Kennedy Space Center soon but couldn't do it that day. The more we talked about it, the more excited I got. We knew that we would be able to see it from our yard so I was in a hurry to get Jonah from school so we could get home to see it. I mentioned to Jonah that we were in a hurry and his teacher suggested we head to Daytona Beach rather than our front yard. Jonah heard the word BEACH and was immediately on board.

On our way to the house to change clothes, I called Dan to let him know where we were going. He could not let us go without him so he told us to stop by and pick him up. He had just finished a funeral and was in no way dressed for the beach but he really wanted to see the launch.

While Dan kept watch of the countdown clock on his phone, Jonah played in the water, the sand and with his John Deere toy. (Just so you know, I'm pretty sure that was the only John Deere toy on the beach in Daytona!)

The countdown hit zero so we turned to watch the sky. It really was an incredible sight. We were both surprised that we didn't hear anything but the coolest thing happened. About five minutes after liftoff, the rumble came. It was so interesting to hear that long after the thing took off.

We are scheduled to be at Kennedy Space Center in February for the launch that is happening then. Dan's mom had already scheduled to fly back in for the week and it just so happened to work out that the next launch is when she is here. I can only imagine what we will see being just miles away from the launch pad. Seeing this from the beach was incredible but being that close will be just amazing.

Way back WHENsday

In honor of Dan's bulldog win last Saturday, I had to post this picture of my sweet boy that was taken on this day in 2006.

Then, of course, I had to add a couple that were taken this week in 2006 and 2007. The first one was taken at Michelle Strong's house when he was just a few months old then the second one was taken while he was waiting to meet Santa in 2007. I never thought I would love this kiddo even more today.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Tree Farm Fieldtrip

Jonah's first field trip was today. Did you read that? My BABY boy is going on field trips with school now. Goodness...these days are flying by. I'm so grateful to be able to do things like this with him. His teacher asked me if I would come to specifically get pictures of all the kids in his class for a special project they are doing. I was also under orders from McKenzie's mom to get pictures of her since she has been banned from attending any more field trips. :-) She rode with us so I was able to get a few pictures of them together as we arrived. Her class color is red so she looked a little more like she was in the Christmas spirit than Jonah's class. Nothing like bright orange to get you all hyped up for Christmas! :-)
The 3's & 4's from Jonah's school were all on this trip and each class wore different colors. While I wished that Jonah could have worn his cute Christmas shirt, the colored shirts were much more effective for something like this. AND, as a mom who also chaperoned, I appreciated knowing which kids were in my care. I just never imagined Jonah's first time at a Christmas tree farm would be in an orange shirt that was too big! HA!
He was quite the ladies man today. I enjoyed sitting back and watching him interact with all of his friends. He was continually drawn to the girls. And, those girls chased him like crazy. He never quite let them catch him though.
This tree farm included a hayride, a petting zoo, a maze, a cookout, a haystack and the chance to cut down a tree. Only one of those things remotely remind me of Christmas. I guess that is what happens when you visit a tree farm in 80 degree weather in the middle of Florida. Even though it was the Norman Rockwell tree farm I envisioned, it was a fabulous day full of fun and giggles.

The hayride stopped long enough for a man to explain to us how they grow the trees, save the trees and trim the trees. It was very interesting actually. I'm not sure how much the 3 year olds understood but they at least looked interested. (notice Jonah's face in the 2nd picture!)

He actually spent the entire tree lecture dropping hay off the side of the hayride. He thought that was way more interesting than learning about trees. Uncle Clare would be so disappointed!

Okay, so I am wondering...which of the kids in orange look like they are used to posing for pictures? I have about 8 group pictures and Jonah is standing and smiling (fake as it may be) just like that in all of them. He gets an A for effort.

Jonah was MOST impressed with the man cutting down the tree for them. He is used to fake trees so this whole real tree business is quite intriguing to him. He told the man he could help him saw.

Before going in to play in the hay, Jonah lived it up with the ladies on the sleigh. It was very smart of him to do this BEFORE he pet all of the animals. I'm not sure animal smell is all that enticing to the girls. After the sleigh picture, he headed in to go crazy in the hay with his friends. I'm pretty sure his teacher had the most fun with this. She played hard with those kids. No wonder she has been there for 25 years...she ROCKS!

The cookout lunch was a hotdog. My little guy gobbled that thing up before most kids has taken a bite. He was either starving or just afraid someone else would eat his.

In case you are wondering, that look came from him when he said "Mommy, you aren't supposed to take pictures when little boys are eating their hotdogs." Oh, okay...I was unaware of that rule. First time mom here, cut me some slack!

We ended our time there with a few pictures of Jonah and McKenzie in front of one of the trees. It did not take us 3 minutes to be ASLEEP after we got home. It wore us both out. FUN, but tiring!


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