Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

If you saw the previous post of our video gone wrong, this is what we were actually going for. It didn't quite work out that was initially because of video mode but we finally got it in the end. It makes us laugh every time we see that video. Probably no one else but it cracks us up.

We spent Thanksgiving in Tampa with my mom's sister and her family. It was really odd to me to spend a holiday with them because they have been absent from our family gatherings for 25+ years. Now that we are resident Floridians, I have a feeling we will see them more than any of our other family. Good thing we always liked them! :-)

My first cousin, Brandy has a little girl who is going to be 1 year old in December. Until Jonah moved to Florida, Mia would grow up completely away from every cousin. I'm excited we will get to see her grow and develop. She was so over the top smitten with Jonah that we couldn't help but smile. It was so cute to watch her follow him and make every step he made. He was most unimpressed at first but warmed up to her pretty quickly. He made sure to tell me she wasn't sharing on several occasions.

Check out her bruises on her forehead. Poor baby...she is looking more and more like Jonah did during those days of learning to walk. I remember thinking the bruises on his head would be there forever.

Sissy let Jonah help set the table. His job was the silverware. I'm afraid none of us ate on extraordinarily clean forks after he got done. But, he did it and was so very proud.
He was content to help work until he realized his daddy and Mitch were playing a fishing game on Playstation 3. He then decided to stand in front of the TV and commentate what they were doing.

My uncle Tommy impressed me tons with his master turkey carving skills. I've never seen a human get as much turkey off the bone as he did. And, it was all neat. Quite impressed with that.
We had an added treat because Uncle Tommy and Sissy offered to babysit Jonah and Mia so we could go to the movie with Mitch and Brandy. Dan and I had both been wanting to see The Blind Side and had not had the opportunity. It was great to get away and hang out with them and know that Jonah was completely taken care of. I think that was our first "date" since we moved to Florida. It was much needed!

We got home rather late but did not miss the opportunity to start our tradition with THE ELF ON THE SHELF. If you aren't familiar with this, you have to go HERE to check it out. It is such a great Christmas tradition. Stay tuned for more stories about Phibby, our elf.

Jonah got to wear long sleeve/pant pajamas for the first time that night so he needed a little help getting them on. After he was all dressed in his new sheriff pajamas, he was ready for a picture.

We had such a wonderful day with our little family and our extended family. God has been so good and so faithful to our family this past year. We look back on all the changes since this time last year and it blows our minds. Never in a million years did we expect to be in Florida or at a different church but God knew. And, if He knows our steps, we are more than happy to walk in them.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Picture gone wrong

Before we left for Tampa yesterday, I attempted to capture a family picture, including Max. I did not realize the camera was set on video mode. I uploaded pics this morning and found this. It makes us laugh!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I choose...

We are about to walk out the door for a day of Thanksgiving fun with Sissy, Uncle Tommy, Mitch, Brandy and Mia but I had to share this quick story with you. Dan was helping Jonah get dressed as I walked into his room. I told him that he could take ONE friend on the trip with us. I told him to think hard because he could only take one. That was a big choice for him since that list of friends includes Lammy, Prayer Bear, Woody, Buzz, The Birthday Grinch, Lion and Tell Me. He looked at his bed where all of his friends were then looked back at me and patted Dan. He said "I choose Daddy!"


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An afternoon of ART

Jonah and I spent yesterday afternoon doing art projects. We drew, we colored, we painted, we we used markers, we made a turkey and overall, just had fun. Jonah loves art projects and doing anything with his hands. If we could devote an entire day to sitting at the table doing projects, he would be all about that.

Some of the things we saved from his birthday were ColorWonder projects from Crayola. If you are a mom and don't know about ColorWonder, you need to check it out. MESS FREE ART! What could be better? He had two different packages from his birthday. One was finger paint and one was paintbrushes. We used both and he loved them.

In case you can't tell, he is working on a peacock. The body was made with his hand in the shape of a fist then I painted the blue on it and he put it on paper. He painted all the feathers himself. It may not be the best peacock you have ever seen but the little boy who made it sure had fun.

We made a Thanksgiving turkey where the feathers all listed something he was thankful for. I let him choose what each feather said. He had some interesting answers.

Days like this remind me how blessed I am to stay home with my little guy. Our days are full of fun, laughter, art projects, giggles, sword fights, cuddle sessions and thanks to God for this opportunity to be mommy all day long.

Way back WHENsday

My favorite part of Way back WHENsday posts are looking back at holidays. I love to see the ways my little guys has changed from year to year on specific holidays. There are three pictures in this post from those past three years and two of the three he was sick. Poor guy! Thanksgiving isn't his best holiday.

2006 at home

2007 in Fairhope, AL
2008 at home

(He was really, really, really sick last year on Thanksgiving. Poor guy!)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I attempted to take some pictures of Jonah before church Sunday morning. Yes, his shirt was intentionally left untucked. I tried to tuck it in and put a belt on but he informed me that when his shirt is tucked in, it makes it hard to smile. Yeah, okay?
So, even though we left his shirt out, the smiles didn't come. But, what did come was the realization that a photo shoot before church isn't the best time to capture the precious face of my three year old. I didn't grasp that at first but when he said "I'm not in a mood for pictures," I figured it out pretty quickly!


I am NEVER surprised. I always clue in and figure out the surprise and ruin it for everyone involved. Minus a gift from Josh & Amanda last year, I can't think of anything that has caught me off guard. Not parties, not gifts, not visitors. I can no longer say that. Sunday night, I walked into church and made my way down the aisle speaking to people and as I was talking to Ben Beck, I realized two very familiar faces were staring at me from the row in front of him. Our friends Reagan & Malinda were at church to surprise us. I was blown away! You have to read her blog for her pictures and account of the evening. It was fabulous!

The worst part of the whole thing was as soon as I saw them, squealed and hugged them, it was time for church to start and we couldn't talk! Thankfully, our preacher wasn't so long winded that night and we got out a little early. We headed straight to dinner and the side-splitting laughter began.

She asked me at one point if I was really surprised they were there. I told her she would KNOW I was surprised when she got to my house and saw the mess it was in. We walked in the house and I'm pretty sure she believed me then.

While Jonah was sad that Sara Madalin was not with them, he quickly capitalized on the fact that he was the only child in sight and that surely they must want to put puzzles together with him and play games with him.

Being the mean mommy that I am, I had to break the news to him that it was time for bedtime. He handled that so well, as you can see.
After he was in bed, we broke out the Wii fit and the laughter ensued. OH MY GOODNESS! There is nothing like the Wii to bring uncontrollable laughter. One of us (ahem...the one who deals drugs for a living) can not hula hoop to save his soul. I rank that as one the top 10 funniest moments of my entire life.

My favorite part of this being my blog is that there are no pictures of me one the Wii...only them! We are so blessed to have these two in our lives. We had no idea what God had in store for our lives when we got to Harmony Baptist Church in 1998 but I'm so glad his plans included making us friends with them!


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