Saturday, November 21, 2009

You guys

I have waited to blog about this in order to be sure of it but I think the time has come. After 2 months and 7 days as residents in Florida, Jonah has completely dropped "Y'all" from his vocabulary. For the past week, I have noticed him say "You guys" or "You people" when he would normally say "y'all."

(And, just so you know, the pictures posted here have nothing to do with what I just told you. They are just a couple of pictures from our Christmas card shoot that didn't make the cut.)

Dippin' Dots

Jonah loves ice cream. LOVES. LOVES. LOVES ice cream. He asks for it every time we are out. He ask for it at home. He asks for it when we are driving down the road. I was super happy to discover Dippin' Dots has a citrus flavor that is 100% juice. He didn't seem to mind...

Boating with the Barkers

Several weeks ago (yes, I am THAT behind on blogging) we had a great afternoon on a boat with the Barkers. Jonah has become a HUGE fan of the entire Barker family since we moved here. We didn't do a great job of checking the weather before we left the house. Thankfully, Steph did! And, being the gracious hostess that she is, she also had tons of snacks!

We had a fabulous time with them on the boat and it was all topped off with us seeing TWO bald eagles. We stopped the boat and watched them for a long time. It was a really cool thing to see.

We are so grateful to people like the Barker's who have opened their hearts to our family. Our time at Stetson has only been a short two months but it seems like we have been here for a really long time. We have come to love these people as if we have known them forever. I love the way God works that out.

Friday, November 20, 2009

We miss Michelle!

One of the hardest parts of moving is finding a new person to cut your hair. Our entire family used Michelle Strong in Natchez at R. Maxwell's and LOVED her. She was a church member, a friend and did a great job for us. Jonah has had three haircuts here and they have all been bad. Dan has had three and not liked any of them. I have only had one and was fairly pleased so I'm not really complaining for myself. BUT, my little boy has bad hair to begin with and we really have to find someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to his hair.

We found one of the cool kid friendly salons in Sanford a couple of weeks ago. Jonah was pumped when he walked in and spotted a train table. He was even excited to see the barber chairs were taxi cabs and fire trucks.

Check out the hair. Bad, huh? Poor guy...I feel so bad for him. Between Dan's hair and my hair, he was destined to have bad hair.

While the experience was fun, the haircut was awful. Let me rephrase that...AWFUL! From one angle, it appeared he had the mange. Now, we are hoping it grows fast so we can try another place for him. Ugh!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lost in Translation

Jonah: Mommy, can I bite someone?
Jonah: Yes, please!
Me: Why do you want to bite someone?
Jonah: So they will play with me.
Me: Jonah, you don't bite friends. If you bite people they won't be be your friend.
Jonah: (Totally bummed) Well, I just wanted to bite someone to come to my house to play with my sword with me.
Me: You mean INVITE?
Jonah: That's what I been said!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fun times with old friends

When we first began talking to the Pastor Search Committee in DeLand, we began to share with some of closest friends outside of Vidalia what we felt God was doing in our lives. Dan & I both had conversations with friends and mentors. We wanted/needed as many people praying with us about this as possible. One of the couples we called were Rogers and Shirley Redding. They were members of our church in Northern Kentucky and have remained dear friends to us since then.
When I talked to Shirley about DeLand, she immediately told me about Rog's sister and brother-in-law who are retired IMB missionaries now serving on staff at FBC, Orlando. She felt sure they could offer us some information on Stetson Baptist Church. Dan called Bro. Bill but he was out. His sweet wife, Mrs. Lucy Pat knew all about DeLand and was able to share all about SBC and the area with him. They even made plans to meet up at the SBC in Louisville in late June. Dan walked away from that meeting with such fondness for the Curls because of their passion for our Lord and willingness to help him. He said that if we happened to end up in DeLand I had to meet them.

Well, as you know, we did end up in DeLand but I had not had the opportunity to meet Bro. Bill or Mrs. Lucy Pat yet. Then, out of the blue a few weeks ago, we got a call with an invitation to their home for brunch on the Saturday morning that our friends, Rogers and Shirley were in town. They were scheduled to be there the Saturday of the UF/Vandy game so he could do his work for the SEC.

We had a couple of things planned but quickly rearranged our schedule to see them. They are the kind of friends who just make you feel good. So, why on earth would we pass up that opportunity? We got to their house and Jonah quickly made friends with all of them. I think he knew instantly they were grandparents. After all, what is better than a grandparent??
Mrs. Lucy Pat entertained Jonah in the sunroom while Dan & I visited with Rog and Shirley. Dan controlled himself this time and didn't totally goob out while asking Rog questions about SEC football. He got a few in though (what do you think of Dan Mullen, What about all these SEC referee issues this season, was that LSU/FL call right or wrong, etc) and that satisfied his SEC hunger enough to let Rog just enjoy the morning instead of being grilled.

Bro. Bill offered to take us out on the boat and we happily obliged. Jonah let him know rather quickly that he knew how to drive. Guess who drove the most?

You can look at the next picture to see a picture my mom took of me with Rog and Shirley back on November 12, 2006. Or, you can read the post about that visit and see all the pictures by clicking here.

Please note: All three pictures of Jonah with Rog & Shirley have major shadows on them. I actually deleted one because the shadows were so bad but went back to find it when I noticed the shadows on the other two that were taken 3 years apart!! Hey, I'm nothing if not consistent!

We love visits like this with old friends. One of the hardest things about life in ministry is leaving people you love. But, one of the greatest thing is meeting new people and having the opportunity to develop relationships with people you would have never otherwise met. We only spent a short time with them but developed a lifelong friendship. What a gift!

Way back WHENsday

3 years ago this week (and lots of other times), Jonah got to hang out with our good friends Jason and Jada Walsworth. I chose this picture because I got to talk to her tonight and it made me happy to hear her voice. She and Jason were on staff when we arrived at FBC, Vidalia. We instantly became friends with them and have been so blessed by their influence on our lives.

We often talk about our days on staff at FBCV with Jason, Jada, Gary and Kristin. We all just clicked and it was one of the best staff situations I have ever been a part of. There were no pride issues, no "better than" mindsets and all the staff members knew what God had called them to do and just did it. It was so fun doing ministry like that. We all loved and supported each other and worked for one common goal. It really was a fabulous time.

I'm so grateful for friends like Jada! And, I'm so glad that we've gotten to be involved in each other's lives long after our days at FBCV ended.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Volusia County Fair

After I got GiGi from the airport, we headed to the church so she could see Dan. Once we got there, we had to quickly decide what to do for the evening. We gave her the choice of several options and we ended up at the Volusia County fair. Everyone here had told us the fair was great in this area and they were right. It was so clean and just a great night. We sampled all sorts of fair foods...starting with corn dogs!

Jonah wanted "french fries and to ride some rides" and was a little impatient until he got those things.

We bought the $20 bracelets for Jonah and Dan so they could ride all the rides they wanted. And trust me...they rode! Jonah has NO fear and would have ridden anything there. Unfortunately for him, there were height requirements.

The greatest moment of the night was when Dan took Jonah into the house of mirrors. I laughed harder than I have in a long, long time. He kept running into mirrors thinking they were the door. It was hilarious! GiGi and I laughed so hard we had tears rolling down our faces.

We had so much fun at the fair and will definitely make it a yearly event. Jonah loved every minute of it and we loved watching him. (and the food was pretty awesome too!)


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