Thursday, November 12, 2009

Aaron's Birthday Party

Jonah was super excited to attend our neighbor's birthday party a couple of weeks ago. It was on a Sunday afternoon so we rushed home from lunch so we could get there on time. He was completely unaware that he would not know anyone there. (except for the birthday boy.) I love this age because he isn't held back by the things that cause us fear.

Aaron, the birthday boy turned 4 years old. Jonah was quite impressed with the toys in his room. He was most impressed with the weed eater. He played with that thing the majority of the time we were there.

Josh and Christie did a great job with the party theme and games. Scooby Doo is Aaron's favorite so that was the theme. They even had a pinata. It wasn't until Aaron's party that I realized Jonah has only seen one pinata and that was at Natalie's party on his 2nd birthday. He was completely engaged during this party of the party. Look at his face and eyes in these pictures.

When the candy dropped to the floor, he just stood there. He had no idea what to do. He was amazed that candy was falling from the sky. The whole process of the pinata was fun to watch because he was just enamoured!

The best part of Aaron's party was the "Armocken" Jonah got. We all call it a harmonica but even with tons of correction, he still calls it his "red armocken." He plays it every day still. Sometimes, we will be out and about and he will ask me "Mommy, do you remember where my red armocken is?"

Aaron opened his gifts and Jonah gasped when saw a John Deere toy. He told all the kids that MeMaw has a John Deere tractor and he drove it. Then, he opened a hummer toy from Bass Pro Shop. This set has a dog on it just like the boat set that Cliff and Beppa gave Jonah last year. Jonah decided that night that the dog's name was Sassy. When Aaron opened this gift, Jonah yelled, "That's my Sassy! How did she get in that box???"

The kids all went outside to play for a little bit then it was time to say goodbye. We were able to meet even more neighbors and some kids from Jonah's school. I think he is going to like living here. :-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Way back WHENsday

These pictures were all taken during this week in 2007. He was so little but I can see his personality in these pictures. 2!

Lots to learn

As I was getting Jonah out of his carseat at church tonight, I was explaining to him how to unbuckle the carseat. He has never been allowed to touch the buckles, for obvious reasons. He has always known that was off limits so when you get him out, he moves his hands away from all buckles. I decided it was time to teach him how to undo them so he can help. After we talked about that, we shut the door to the van then started walking into the building for Wednesday Night supper. He was holding my hand and looked up at me and said "Mommy, there is SO much you need teach me!" I started laughing because that was so random and so very sweet. He said "Don't laugh mommy. I love for you to teach me things. You know a lot!" Seriously...such a sweet (and funny) boy!!

Our House

People keep asking me to post pictures of our house. So, here it is. I'm pretty sure they mean the inside but it just isn't picture worthy yet. There are still so many small things to be done. I'm really hoping to get some things finished after this big consignment sale is behind me. So, for now, let me introduce you to the outside of our house.

MSU vs. UF

Several weeks ago, we had one of the Sunday School classes over the MS State/Florida game. We were (obviously) the only MSU fans so Dan went to the office to get every piece of MSU decor he had. We scattered it around our house and mixed it in with the food. We were so happy to have all MSU stuff to show our support. Then Amy and Hannah showed up with UF brownies!!!

Jonah stuck pretty close to Eli in the beginning. I think he wanted to make sure Eli knew it was his house and his stuff. But, pretty soon after arriving, poor Eli had to go to bed so he missed out on most of the fun.
At one point, Jonah grabbed the blanket and got on the couch next to "Aunt Keri's" brother, Nate. Nate is actually Keri's husband but Jonah is convinced he is her brother. Keri is somewhat concerned with how Jonah will respond when she and Nate have a baby.

Is she not precious? Savannah is 7 months old and over the top cute. Jonah tried to teach her to crawl but she didn't quite get it...that night. Just a few days later, she was crawling all over the place. She must have tucked his lessons away in her mind for later use.

Max went from person to person who would hold him and treat him like a baby. He isn't the least bit spoiled and never demands attention. Ahem!

Jonah enjoyed playing with Keaton and after just a few (okay, several) reminders, he did okay with sharing HIS toys. When Hannah and Amy first arrived, he actually went to his room to get toys for Hanna to play with. That was huge!
I tried to get a picture with Keaton, Jonah and Gentry Rose. Jonah just looked at me and smiled because he knows if he will then I will go away with the camera. I must teach Keaton and Gentry Rose this trick! :-)

Crawling lessons with Jonah proved unsuccessful but Savannah reminded Jonah how to roll over.

Nicole and Jonah both sported their team spirit in jerseys. Unfortunately, Nicole's spirit helped her team. While our bulldogs lost the game, we were quite thrilled with their effort.


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