Friday, November 6, 2009

Mr. Money Bags

Jonah received a card in the mail from Jimmy and Cathy a couple of weeks ago. They suggested he buy ice cream with the money they enclosed. I should have never told Jonah what that card said. He drove us crazy asking to go get ice cream with "his money!" So, after the football game two weeks ago, we headed to Baskin Robbins. I've never been so happy to give up a $5 bill.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DHS ballgame

We went to the DeLand High School football game a couple of weeks ago. It started at almost Jonah's bedtime so we weren't sure how long he would last. We hoped to make it through halftime. Something came on inside of him when he heard the band play the first time and the kid became a dancing machine. At several spots during the game, NO ONE around us was watching the game because Mr. Soul Train was putting on a show of his own. I have countless videos from the night. I'm posting a few at the end just to prove how much he danced.

We did our typical "move around a lot" during the game so we could find different church members to sit with and spend time with. Our last stop was in front of Chris and Jennifer Fowler. That is when the dancing almost ceased. He got intimidated or something?

Clean boy

Way back WHENsday

The day Jonah discovered he was in the Bible - November, 2006

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat

We made it home from the SBC Fall Festival just in time to put Jonah in his pirate costume and get him ready for the neighborhood festivities. I LOVE neighborhood life. I know, I know...there are tons of you who look at how close our houses are together or how little land we have and think you would shrivel up and die. We love it! We love being close to neighbors and having little amounts of yard work. And, it is especially nice on nights like Saturday. We had been warned that our neighborhood was the trick or treat mecca in DeLand. We were fully prepared with candy but had to rush to get Jonah dressed and outside.

After getting his costume on, I had to attempt my first ever try at makeup for a kiddo. I thought all day about Amanda and how perfect she would have done it. Since I was 14 hours away from her, I had to attempt this one on my own. And, to be perfectly honest, I really doubted Jonah would let me do it. I showed him the picture on the package and he never flinched. He let me do whatever I wanted. It was great.

My favorite part of his makeup were all the bruises. I combined red and blue paint to make the bruises. The kid has had so many bruises on his head over the years that I felt confident of how they needed to look in the end. I tried to get him to keep the gross teeth in his mouth but he wanted NONE of that. We got a couple of pictures then those things went in the trash.

We walked outside and immediately spotted Jaxson and his mom coming out way. Jonah was quite impressed to see him dressed as Yo Gabba Gabba.

A couple of minutes later, we noticed a familiar face walking across the street. Our neighbor is the son of one of our church members, Jack Brown. He and Mrs. Carolyn were over there for the night but walked over to see Jonah.
We set out on our journey to go to a few houses. Jonah was more impressed with all the decorations than he was with the actual trick or treating. We walked to the door on the first couple of houses with him but then we just stayed on the sidewalk and let him go up alone. He was so sweet saying "Trick or Treat Thank You!"

We were so happy that Darryl and Denise (aka Pops & NeNe) had flown in from Jackson and gotten to be part of our night. Their youngest child is in high school so it has been MANY years since they were out and about like this on Halloween night.

Jonah was a little taken back with all the decorations at Kevin's house. Even though Mr. Jack and Mrs. Carolyn were standing at the end of walkway with candy, he was a little timid about passing all those scary things to get there.

While trying to coax him into getting candy from Mr. Jack, I turned around to Notice Darryl at our house manning our candy station. You almost need another person when you have a little one at home. So, it worked out great that Darryl could hand out our candy while we took Jonah around.

Aaron (aka Peter Pan) gave Jonah his candy at their house. He thought that was really fun to get candy from his "new friend Aaron!"

We made a pit stop at our house so Jonah could get candy from Pops then Dan took Jonah around to the houses in the curve. They came back much sooner than expected because Jonah was "tired because this bucket it too heavy!" So, he became our chief candy giver. He loved sitting with NeNe and handing out candy to the kiddos.

Our little pirate began to grow a little weary so he went in for a bath and to get all the paint off of his face. The doorbell kept ringing and he kept passing out the candy. He ended up wearing batman pajamas which was very appropriate. It was as if he was still in costume.
Denise then pulled out a couple of board games she bought him. One was a Brown Bear, Brown Bear game. He was so happy. She quickly learned that he loves games and if you pull one out then you are required to play with him for long periods of time.

I know that Halloween is questionable for some people but it just isn't for us. We don't celebrate the dark and evil things. We celebrate another day of life with the opportunity to dress and up and have fun. As he gets older, I'm sure we will have lots of discussions with him about the evils of the day and how to avoid that but for now, we just enjoyed a day with a very cute cowboy and pirate who reminds us just how blessed we are to call him ours!!


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