Saturday, October 31, 2009

Harvest Day at Preschool

Jonah's school celebrated Harvest Day yesterday. The memo sent home asked us to the send the kids dressed as a farmer. Um, I felt sure we had a corner on that market!! Spending the last seven years in Louisiana gave us a reference point. AND, Jonah's favorite farmer, MeMaw Tim let Jonah spend a good amount of time at his farm. So, he was more than ready for this day. Part of me wanted him to wear his overalls but I could not pass up his John Deere shirt since it said "LITTLE FARMER." Appropriate? I think so!

Between his John Deere boots and shirt, he was ready to start the day. Unfortunately, he was very upset on the way in the door because the rain was getting his boots wet. (I'm pretty sure John Deere boots were meant to get wet and dirty.)

I dropped him off and told him we would be back for his hayride. He happily told me goodbye and Dan & I left to get car tags. We came back an hour later and waited outside his door for his lesson to end. I checked out his bucket then noticed a board with some pictures on it. There was a picture from the DeLand homecoming parade with Jonah on a blanket with all of his classmates. They were all smiling. Scroll down a couple of pictures to see his face.

HA! Apparently he has to smile so much at home for the camera that when he is in public, he frowns as to give his smiling muscles a rest. We stood in the doorway and watched him listen to his story and interact with his friends. He spotted us, his eyes got huge then he burst into tears. I immediately knew what was going on. He thought we were picking him up from school and he was going to miss the hayride. We rushed over to tell him we were there to go WITH him. He could not catch his breath because he was crying so hard. Poor guy. Check out the red eyes in the next picture.

We have been over the top pleased with our decision to put him at FBC DeLand. Our original goal was for him to be at our church for school but they did not have a spot for him when we arrived. We both believe that was God's providence. He RUNS into his classroom every morning and doesn't want to leave when I get there at noon. He is learning tons. He told me yesterday that today would be the last day of this monk. You know, the monk of October. :-)
I told him to show me his boots and that is what I got. I'm pretty sure I've never seen a real farmer in a stance quite like that.

We were the only two parents in his class to be there for the hayride. I didn't think we were going with them but his teachers invited us to hop on, so we did. Jonah wanted his daddy to stick close. He was so proud to have him there. He kept telling the other kids "that is my daddy!"

There was a small meltdown after the hayride because I wanted a picture of Jonah next to the tractor but he did not want a picture because "that tractor is not green!" I'm afraid farming with Tim may have altered his opinion of all tractors that are not John Deere.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

A couple of weeks before Reagan & Malinda got here for their Disney trip, we decided to all do Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party together. I sent them a message telling them we were leaving the park one night as people were coming in for the party and tons of adults were dressed up. I wanted them to know we planned to do costumes with Jonah in case they wanted to do the same.

I waited until the day before the party to go buy our costumes and was completely out of luck. There were no "appropriate" costumes left. We wanted to do a Disney theme as a family but after 5 stops, I found nothing. So, I dressed Jonah in his Peter Pan costume (minus the hat since it did not come close to fitting his head!!!) and off we went.

We quickly discovered the Brown family in full Snow White mode and somewhat miffed at the Glenn family for leaving them hanging. You can read Malinda's account here. I told them I was dressed as a photographer since I had my two cameras and would be using theirs over the course of the evening also. She didn't buy it. Regardless of our failure as their friends, Reagan and Malinda totally brought it and rocked the house!

Is that precious or what? The evil queen, Snow White and her Prince Charming. They were quite the hit the entire night at the park. LOVED IT!

We weren't allowed to be in the next photo since we weren't dressed up. Peter Pan didn't quite fit into their storybook family but in the world of make believe, anything is possible, right??

We made our way through security as the police officer asked Jonah where his hat was. Unfortunatly, he did not realize what a firestorm he started. From that moment on, Jonah wanted a hat!! His costume has the cutest hat with it but it did not even come close to fitting his big head. Poor kid! As a matter of fact, his Halloween costume is a 2/3 and the hat that matches it is 7/8 and still doesn't fit great! See...big head!

Our first stop was the iconic photo stop at the main gate of the Magic Kingdom. Jonah was more than happy to show his (Reagan's) sword to anyone who would look. Sara Madalin was equally interested in the sword.

After we entered the gates, we went to the left and they went to the right. Our goal was to meet Captain Hook since Jonah was dressed as Peter Pan. They wanted to meet Snow White since that was their theme. We went to get in line to meet them with plans to meet back up within the hour. We had about a 30 minute wait until Captain Hook came out so I took the chance to get a few photos of the cutest Peter Pan I know.

On our way to meet them, we spotted Woody and Bullseye and had to stop for hugs. My little kiddo can't pass up an opportunity to see his friends from Toy Story.

Sara Madalin got a kiss from Snow White and as you can see, she was pleased with this.

We made a stop at Ariel's Grotto for a little dance party with Mickey. Those two kiddos are dancers and loved every minute of it. Dan even got in a little of the action and helped Jonah with the YMCA. For some reason, Jonah felt the need to fall to the ground at the end of every song. Sara Madalin saw that and thought it looked like fun and joined him down there.

Since my "costume" for the evening was a photographer, I made sure to include this just for Malinda. This was taken on "It's a Small World" as we watched Jonah and Sara Madalin take in all the sights and sounds.

We made our way out to watch the fireworks, villans show and then parade. Dan and Jonah went to get a drink and they came back with ice cream. I looked at Dan with that "I can't believe you bought him ice cream at 10:00 p.m" look. Dan said "they gave it to him for FREE!!!!" Sometimes cuteness pays off. I have never seen Disney give away anything for free!

At this point, little Sara Madalin was TUCKERED out and very happy to rest in the arms of her mommy and daddy. Their goal was to make it through the parade and then to get her back to her room for some good sleep. Jonah was raring to go, so we decided to stay as late as he could handle it.

We headed back thru Fantasyland and met up with the Seven Dwarfs along the way. Jonah thought that was pretty cool and just giggled. He got lots more candy at the various trick or treat stations and then met some more characters. It was a great night for him. (and his mommy and daddy really enjoyed seeing everything through his eyes.)

Those of you long time blog readers know that Jonah is not one of those kids that fall asleep just anywhere. I have no cute pictures of him snoozing in his high chair or crumpled over his toys. He basically never settles down to sleep unless he is in his carseat, bed or beanbag. I knew the little guy was exhausted when he laid out across me on the monorail. As his eyelids got heavy and he yawned, he exclaimed, "I'm not tired!"

I have a few free nights of hotel to use before the end of this year so we got a room in Orlando since we knew the party didn't end until midnight. It worked great because Jonah and I could go back to Disney the next morning while Dan met a prospective church member who works in Orlando. So, we got to the room, put his PJ's on, made up a story for him since I forgot a book and turned off his light. That was 1:13 a.m. I went back in at 1:20 a.m. and found him sound asleep with sword and glowsticks still in hand.

We had a fabulous time with our very good friends and just doing life together as a family. It was such a special moment for me to realize we were at Disney, "the happiest place on earth" with Jonah and the Brown's. We all walked through so many dark days together of wanting children. Us on a 3 year journey and them on a 10 year journey. While our journeys were both so different, the end result is 2 beautiful children that have blessed our lives in incredible ways.
It was awesome to be there with them and watch OUR children experience such happy times. That was worth all of the exhaustion involved!


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