Sunday, October 4, 2009


Jonah started feeling yucky Friday night so we stayed home all day yesterday then again today. I really hated to miss the benefit banquet for Gentry Rose at church last night but I didn't want to risk Jonah getting a babysitter sick. (Next time, Anna!) He woke up this morning with that same croupy cough and a low grade fever. Since he had fever yesterday, I could not take him to church today either.

He was basically his cheerful self but I wanted to honor the rule about not being around other kids for 24 hours. So, as hard as it was to miss church on our third Sunday, we stayed home. Because we had been home for two days without stepping outside, Jonah had a case of cabin fever. I told Dan if he was okay after his nap that we would try to go to the Toy Story double feature if it wasn't crowded.

He woke up in a great mood so we headed out the door. We got to the theater and I asked about capacity in there. She told me only 5% of the tickets were sold for that showing so I knew we would be fine to be in there. We sat away from anyone else and had a great time. (pictures to come)

Jonah was sitting in my lap in the middle of second movie. I was rubbing his back, his legs, his hair and then moved my hands up to his temple and kind of tickled him there. That is when my child yelled out in the DARK movie theater, "MOMMY, DON'T TOUCH ME THERE!!!!"


I immediately responded loudly something about I could touch his eyes anytime I wanted. OH DEAR! I have officially been embarrassed by my three year old!


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