Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Farmer's Almanac

Magic Kingdom

Jonah was thrilled to go to "Mickey's House." We all call it the Magic Kingdom but not him. Every now and then, he would yell out, "Mickey, where are you?" He is at such a great age to really enjoy Disney. He loves the characters and walks around with this wide-eyed stare. It is so precious to watch.

We got there as the parade on Main Street was ending but we found a spot right up front to watch the last 5-7 minutes. He could not believe all of his "friends" were that close to him. I don't know what age kids start realizing there is a human inside the suit but I love the wonder of experiencing things like this though his eyes. He was convinced that was "my woody and jessie!"

Then, out of nowhere, Lilo shows up and reaches out her hand for him. He shook with excitement. It was off the precious meter!

My favorite memory from this day came as we were leaving Goofy. As I was getting ready to snap the picture of them, I said "Jonah, look at me and smile!" He did and we were done. Then, he went back to Goofy and said "Goofy, did you smile too?"

There are two videos posted for you to enjoy. The first was right before we got on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride. Jonah kept looking at people and doing the Pirate sound from his favorite Backyardigans movie. We, of course, had to get it on film so we asked him to do it again. Cracks me up every time.

The second video is of Dan and Jonah on Jonah's first roller coaster ride. He was on The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm. I tried to video from my seat but it was hard to hold the camera still with all the jerking. I think you'll get the idea. HE LOVED IT! If you listen closely, you can hear him giggling!

A crazy Wednesday night!

Last Wednesday night, I left church after dinner because I was expecting a 6 p.m. call from our pediatrician in Natchez. I sent her a text earlier in the day after receiving a diagnosis about Jonah from our new pediatrician here. Dan had plans to go to the Financial Peace Study and then choir practice. There was no way he could get Jonah before the nursery closed so I had to take him with me. I hated for him to miss Mission Friends but I needed to talk to Jennifer.

I got home and decided to change clothes and take Jonah on a bike ride and Max on a walk. Since his trike was buried under mounds of garage boxes that had not yet been organized, I had to put my keys, phone, camera and Max's leash down to dig for his bike. It was quite ordeal and a true miracle that I did not break any bones in the process. I was huffing and puffing as I finally made my way out of the garage. I pushed the button and ran faster than the door and jumped out. Right as the garage closed, I realized I grabbed everything BUT my keys. We were totally locked out! This was at 6:10 or so. Dan was not due home until after 8:30 p.m. Eeks!

I decided to make the best of it and go on our walk anyway. I sent Dan a text just to let him know but didn't at all expect him to leave church. He was excited about being part of the Dave Ramsey group and choir. AND, I knew we could walk for a while. So, as we walked just a few feet, our neighbor came outside and we talked just long enough for his little boy, Jaxson to come out too. We have been so excited about meeting them. They have been over to introduce themselves and bring us a beautiful plant but I missed them both times. I was so glad to finally put faces to names and meet all of them. They invited us in the back yard to play. Jonah and Jaxson had SO much fun together. I'm so excited about living next door to another child Jonah's age. What fun to grow up with kids your age.

After we left their house, we took off down the street. That is when the sad conversation happened between Jonah & I about him not being able to find B & Beppa's house. If you are on Facebook, you have seen that video but if not, it is one of the three videos at the end. It really is sad. He is so used to riding his bike/trike/car/wagon to their houses anytime we went out. He was so confused as to why their houses were not on our street anymore.
He was quite intrigued with our neighbors across the street because they had lots of Halloween decorations out. They even had the things that made noise when it sense motion. He kept saying "who said that?"

The time came that I was beginning to notice bugs and I knew we had over an hour until Dan would be home. So, I went to the backyard and sat on the patio, which is screened. Jonah kept asking me to turn on the lights. They, of course, were all inside. The only light we had came from my cell phone and camera. My phone was down to less than 10% battery so I had to conserve it. That is when Jonah and I got a little silly with the camera. Keep reading to see "THE MANY FACES OF JONAH & MOMMY WHILE BORED!"

OK, that is all you have to endure for now. I told you we were really bored and had NO entertainment. I was so proud of this little guy because he he totally handled being up an hour past his bedtime, in the pitch black dark, with no entertainment and bored out of his mind!


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