Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dental Visit #3

We went to Jackson a couple of weeks ago for our six month dental appointments. Most of you know that I started working in the office at Dr. Ramsey's Dental practice when I was just fifteen years old. With the exception of a one year internship for college and another year in a different office, I worked there for almost ten years. I grew up there. I love the people there and I love going back to visit. So, driving two hours is totally worth it!

Jonah had forgotten the last visit six months ago, so he sat in my lap while I had my teeth cleaned. He watched very closely and even helped Liz use the suction. I wondered if he would let her touch him. He seemed skeptical at first.

When it came his turn, he was more than happy to crawl up in that seat and let her "count his teeth." You'll notice the mosquito bites on his face. Apparently, there was a mosquito in our car that morning and it did a number on his face and neck when he first got in the car. Poor guy! He and bugs do not mix!

He was so good while she counted all of his teeth. He helped her count and they discovered all twenty teeth! He proudly told everyone about his "twenty teeth" every time someone spoke to him.
He got to pick his own prophy paste. He chose bubble gum. He could hardly sit still to be polished because he wanted to use the suction on himself.

I love that he is comfortable in the dental chair. So many adults have unhealthy fears of the Dentist. I have many good friends who are Dentists and spent so much time working in Dental offices that it blows my mind to think people are afraid there. I'm hoping these regular visits will keep that fear out of his mind.
Charles came in to check Jonah and he opened up for him with no problems. He told him how many teeth he had and that he had been a big helper to Mrs. Liz.

"WHAT? A CAVITY? Are you sure?" OH NO!
Nope, no cavity! I just thought that picture looked like he had received some bad dental news. All clear! No cavities!
We attempted a picture with Charles, me and Jonah. For some reason, Jonah kept putting his hand up by his face?!?!
The second take was much better and we ended up with a picture of me and two of my favorite people in the world. I love that Charles has gotten to know Jonah a little bit over the past few years. He was so instrumental in my life and my Christian walk so it is important to me for my little boy to know him.
You can read about Jonah's last visit in February by clicking HERE. Or, you can read about his first dental visit ever by clicking HERE.

Friday, September 4, 2009

He makes me smile!

Somebody HELP ME!!

A couple of weeks ago, we woke up to the sound of Jonah screaming "HELP ME, Somebody HELP ME!" I jump up and ran towards his bedroom but realized the yell was coming from the kitchen. I turned that direction instead and found Jonah buckled into his car seat.

I, of course, grabbed the camera before I rescued him.

Oh, to be Jonah!

My little boy has had the time of his life that past two weeks. When Dan announced his resignation, the requests began pouring in of people wanting to spend some time with Jonah before we left. We have tried awfully hard to accommodate every person and their schedule. Jonah has made the rounds through this little town!

Sunday afternoon, John & Debbie Brocato and Hilda Graves picked him up for a fun evening. Fortunately, Debbie had her camera and I uploaded these from her SD Card when they returned. I was not with them so I can't document everything they did but I'll show you the pictures so you can get a good idea. I'm thinking he had a wonderful time, what about you??

Mrs. Hilda is a member of our church and one of our sweet Senior Adults. Debbie is her daughter. Debbie and John go to the Catholic church but have been followers of Jonah's blog since day 1. They too, had trouble starting their family and God blessed them with a precious miracle through adoption 20-25 years ago. We received a card in the mail from them the day she heard we were pregnant with Jonah. She attends most every special event we have at the church so Jonah has grown up knowing her. I'm glad he got to spend some time with some more people who love him so much!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Guy time!

This is how the boys occupied their time at the furniture store while the mommy did a little furniture shopping!

DeLeon Springs State Park

After leaving The Old Spanish Sugar Mill, we walked outside to see the natural Spring at DeLeon Springs State Park. Fortunately, we came prepared with swimsuits and sunscreen. The water stays 72 degrees year round so it was a bit chilly but Jonah didn't mind. After he checked everything out, he was ready to get his swimsuit on and jump in that water!

Except, the jumping part never happened. When his little piggies touched that cold water, he opted to hang out near the steps. Since he didn't want to go out int he middle, Dan never changed in to his suit.

Way Back WHENsday



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