Friday, August 28, 2009

Lost in Translation

We have two rooms in our home that are off-limits to Jonah. We have broken the beds down and moved all of the furniture against to wall so we can use those rooms for organization. One room is full of stuff for the garage sale next Friday and the other room is full of stuff for the movers. Over and over, we tell Jonah, "this room is OFF-LIMITS!"

A few minutes ago, I went into one of the rooms to put something up and Jonah came running down the hall screaming "No Mommy, no mommy. This room is awfully lemons! Don't go in there. It is awfully lemons!"

So, just to clarify. Off-Limits = Awfully Lemons

Downtown Disney

We spent one day of our Vacation at Downtown Disney. At one point, Dan commented that Jonah would freak if he knew just how close we were to Mickey Mouse. We conveniently did not tell him. Even if he did find out, his disappointment would have disappeared soon after he realized where we were eating. T-REX!!! A little boy's dream!! Last year, Clare and Tammy gave Jonah "The Land Before Time" DVD for Christmas. He has been obsessed with Dinos since then. This place is like the Rainforest Cafe but with a Dinosaur theme. PERFECT for a little boy!

After we left our dining experience, we headed to Disney Quest. We didn't want to do a Disney Park because we hope to get Season Passes soon after moving to FL. So, we opted to do something different and INSIDE!!!
Look at my cute boys with their Pirate goggles on. Jonah got to fire cannons off of a rocket ship and thought he was a real pirate. He had a blast!

We then made our way through the five floors of Disney Quest. He touched most everything in that place. I'm telling you, the kids loves experiencing life. It is so fun to walk beside him and see things through his eyes.

It was a fun, fun, fun NO STRESS and completely relaxing day! Just what we needed!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Skydive DeLand

We spent sometime Saturday at Skydive DeLand. That place is the training capital of the world for sky diving. I would totally do it! Dan says he would too. Stay tuned to the blog to see if we actually do! HA! Things like that become less of a novelty if you live near them. We'll see if that changes.

We went there for lunch. They have a great little restaurant called "The Perfect Spot." We ordered our food then went outside to watch the jumpers. It was pretty amazing to watch. See that little black speck? Yeah, that's a skydiver!

We got to see lots of jumps and then several videos played on the bigscreen TV of people who just jumped. It was a fun day. Jonah loved watching and then loved that PB&J sandwich he got.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I've always dreamed of Jonah's first trip to the beach. You know, khaki shorts, white shirt, barefoot and really cute pictures. Then, we would spend days frolicking on the beach and enjoying life. I did not imagine us driving onto the beach and walking a few feet to the water. But, that is what his first trip was. He was in awe of the ocean and seeing the beach for the first time.

We did not go dressed to play in the water that day. We drove over to Daytona to take in all the sights and did not want to tie up the whole day on the actual beach. My initial impression is that Jonah could easily be a beach bum. He loved it. He has asked to go back several times. (and we can't wait to take him back!!!)

As I said in earlier posts, Daytona Beach is a drive on beach. I've been told by church members that locals go to different beaches. But, since we weren't locals yet, we opted for the more well known beach since we were just going to be there a short amount of time. We were pretty intrigued with the whole driving on the beach thing. That is such an odd concept for people who are used to AL/MS and FL panhandle beaches.

Days of the Week

I was going over the days of the week with Jonah yesterday. I asked him what came after Sunday. He said SCHOOL...SUNDAY SCHOOL! Definitely a preacher's kid!

Way Back WHENsday

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pics from Daytona Speedway

Saturday morning, we headed to Daytona Beach so Jonah could see the beach for the first time. I can't believe he is three years old and has never seen the beach. That will be such a regular part of his life now that we are moving so close to the Atlantic Ocean. As we passed Daytona International Speedway, we decided to turn in just to see if there was a race car Jonah could see up close. Little did we know what was in store for him!

He was pretty intrigued with the "Walk of Champions" where all the Daytona winners had left their hand prints and footprints. Jonah checked to see if his hands or feet were as big. NOPE!

I think this is the track where Dale Earnhardt died. Like I said, I know NOTHING about NASCAR. I remember him dying in a crash when we were in Seminary. So, it had to happen between 1999-2001. This statue of him was a hot photo spot that day. Since everyone else had their picture taken there, we opted to do the same.

I'm sure you have all seen the videos from that day. We still watch them daily because they make our hearts smile. He was so happy watching those cars go round and round. He just giggled and shrieked with joy! So sweet. These pictures were taken in between the videos.

This could have been the only fun thing we did all week and Jonah would have been okay. He thought it was great. He still talks about those race cars and wants to go back. Oh dear! Any volunteers to take him?


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