Saturday, August 15, 2009

A day of FIRSTS

SO much to blog about but the Internet connection here is not cooperating. We are on the top floor at the very end of the hall and have spotty service at best. (Which is not good for an Internet Addict like myself!!!) So, I'll leave you with six pictures from three new experiences today.

1. We visited the Daytona Internation Speedway.
We are not Nascar fans but I was amazed at this place. Even if you hate racing, you can't help but be in awe of this structure. I have lots of cute pictures from our experience here but will have to share those later.

2. We visited Daytona Beach.
This was Jonah's first time to ever see the beach. He LOVED it! We only went for a little while today but plan to go back Monday or Tuesday. You actually drive on Daytona Beach which is odd for us? The benefit is you don't have to carry all your gear. You just open your trunk and you are ready to go.

3. We visited Skydive DeLand. We got to see people jump out of planes way up in the sky and watch them land right in front of us. We had lunch at a great little spot and watched jumpers for quite a while. Jonah wanted to jump. We encouraged him to wait a while.


Friends to the rescue

Life is much better with good friends! It is even better when those friends are your pediatrician and pharmacist. That was never more true than on our way out of town Thursday morning. Let me explain.

Jonah got into some ants Wednesday night before church. When we put him to bed that night, he was fine. When he woke up Wednesday morning, he was in pain and his feet were swollen. We gave him some Benedryl and put some cream on the bites. We headed out the door in order to make our flight in Jackson. About 30 minutes in to our trip, he started crying and saying his "feet were burning and hurting really, really bad."

I turned around to look at his feet and they were in bad shape. I knew he needed some meds quickly. I called Reagan to see if he knew of anything over the counter that would help until we got to Orlando and could get Jonah to an after-hours clinic. I told him the whole story and how this happened back in June and we ended up at the clinic on a Saturday night with a shot and 2 prescriptions.

Reagan, being the super pharmacist that he is, called Walgreens to find out what had been dispensed that night for the same thing since it was at a clinic that wasn't open yet. In the meantime, my dear friend, "Docka Russ" called me and she got on the phone with Reagan and authorized those meds. She was actually off Thursday and we had already been texting that morning about some other things. I knew she was in Alexandria visiting her mom and aunt so I was so grateful to hear from her and talk thought Jonah's issues.

And, it just so happens that Reagan's pharmacy was on the way to the airport so we made a quick detour to see him and pick up the meds. Jonah was happy to see him again and immediately asked "Where is Miss Merlinder?" (Yeah, her name is Malinda!)

Reagan, thank you! You have been a dear friend and my favorite deacon for many years now. You went above and beyond the call of duty and saved our first day of vacation! You rock! Docka Russ, you will always be the number one pediatrician in our book! We adore you and the way you love our little boy. I'm blessed to call you friend!

Friday, August 14, 2009


We were driving this morning and passed a Super Target. I looked at Dan and said "Look...Ahhh...Super Target!" From the backseat, Jonah pipes up and says "Can I shoot it? I wanna shoot it. Can I shoot it?" Dan & I looked at each other with confused looks. Then Dan grabbed my arm and said "He wants to shoot a target!"

As much as I love Target, I was distraught to discover that my child had no clue what Target was!!! I guess that is what happens when he spends too much time with Greg Randall (PaPaw) and Tim Welch (MeMaw) and not enough time shopping!

Remember his bow hunting lesson from a few weeks ago? He was introduced to a target then. Apparently, this kid doesn't forget a thing!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Way back WHENsday

Three years ago this week, we mailed Jonah's birth announcements. Dan designed them and I could not have been more pleased. LOTS of things have changed since these were mailed. (and it has been so much fun!!)

A weekend with the wife!

I love weekends with old friends. It is one of my favorite parts of life. Some people live the same place their entire life and have the same core group of friends most of that time. Not us, between the two of us, we have served 8 different churches and made countless friends in those places. You add college and seminary into the mix and we have lots of "old friends" all over this country!

We had so much fun with Reagan, Malinda and Sara Madalin Brown last weekend. You know they are real friends when you warn them ahead of time that you have been out of town and have not cleaned, cooked or been to the grocery store and they come any way. Yeah, they are those kinds of friends. We have loved each other, cried for each other, prayed for each other and supported each other over the years. And, for the first time, we got to see our two little kiddos enjoy each other.

Sara Madalin just turned a year old back in May. We really wanted to be at her birthday party but it was the day before we moved back into our sanctuary. Yeah, no way that was gonna happen. They were at Jonah's birthday party a few weeks ago but we didn't really get to visit. So, I was so happy about this weekend with them. Jonah looked like a giant next to her. He is my baby and seems like a baby until he was standing next to her.

We wanted at least one cute picture of the two of them together. You know, for their rehearsal dinner slide show! Neither of us have issues with an arranged marriage!! Jonah, on the other hand, was quite DONE with picture time. Nice face, huh?
See Malinda? Yeah, she loves that little girl? I mean, she prayed for her for 10 years. 10 long years of wondering what God's plan for their family would be. 10 years of getting hopes up only to have them crushed. 10 years of questions. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Sara Madalin was worth the wait. (thus their blog name... Can't you see how happy that little angel makes her momma?
Before leaving church, we snapped one picture of all of us together. We hope to frame this with their wedding picture that includes all the parents. Maybe we won't have aged much in 20 years but I am hopeful we will all be standing for that picture. It would be way more flattering.

We got home and the kids played with Jonah's tool set. Jonah was quite territorial and Sara Madalin did not care. She played with what she wanted and ignored his whining. It was great for him. I had to snap a picture of that sweet, delicate hand holding a wrench while wearing a dainty bracelet. How cute is that?

We all said our goodbyes then they headed home. I headed to the back for a nap. It is Sunday tradition, ya know? You'll notice Jonah crying in the next picture. Yeah, Dan lifted him up to have a picture taken with him and lifted him right into the light fixture. It hurt. Jonah cried. Dan felt awful. Malinda laughed. Like, really laughed. Not at my poor child but at Dan. The look on his face showed that he was convinced he had just whacked Jonah's head off in the ceiling fan. She is probably still laughing. We did a lot of that over the weekend!

Pardon my PJ's in the next picture. I told you it was nap time. Jonah and Sara Madalin gave hugs and off they went. Yeah, we love them!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The birthday goes on...

The birthday celebration at the Glenn house has continued far beyond Jonah's July 27th birthday. Which, by the way, is A-OK for the little 3 year old that lives with us. Dan's aunt Susan/Uncle Glenn and Grandmother sent a package to Jonah all the way from Memphis. He was thrilled. He gasped every time he opened a gift. Then he would say "I loved it!" HA!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Looking back...

I went back tonight and watched the video from Cardboard Testimonies at church last month. While I was on Youtube, the video that Dan made from Jonah's birth popped up. I watched it. I cried! Wow! That seems like only yesterday but also seems like a lifetime ago. We were so happy to share the day with three of the four grandparents, one great grandparent and a whole crew of church members!

Watching this video brings back so many memories of special things from that day. I prearranged for only the grandparents and my precious friend Amanda to come back to meet Jonah at first. I wanted the grandparents to have the first look at him. I'm so glad I did that. Amanda was there to document the whole thing in pictures. I love that our parents did not have to worry with a camera but could just enjoy the moment.

I also love the portion of the video where Jonah is passed from grandparent to grandparent and then on to church members. It is so symbolic of his little life. He is so connected to people here and truly thinks they are his family. I love that he loves so freely and is loved by so many people.

Another favorite thing is the constant smile on our faces. We were unbelievably happy and blown away by just how wonderful the whole day was.

Dan edited this did such a wonderful job. It really is one of the best gifts he has ever given me. He compressed hours of video into one nine minute segment with two songs. LOVE IT! And, just in case you haven't seen it, feel free to enjoy with me!

Pics from Kassi!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The REAL "Big Boy Bed!"

All signs pointing to "BABY" have officially been removed from our house. Jonah's toddler bed was replaced with a full size bed last week. Weeks Furniture made the delivery last week and Jonah made the switch the same night. While they were bolting the bed rails onto the headboard, there were some shavings on the floor so the delivery guy asked for a broom and dustpan. Dan took the Dustbuster in there to clean it up and from that moment on, Jonah was more interested in cleaning than checking out his bed.

After some time, we convinced him to give us the Dustbuster so he could try out his bed. He had a hard time climbing up but as he got there, he turned around to the delivery guys and said "Good job on making my bed! THANKS!" (Moments like that melt my heart!)

His new bedding is not in yet so we are making do with sheets and his blankets he is used to. We decided to move the bed next to the wall since there are no rails. He was having such a hard time getting on the bed that we pushed the top mattress closer to the wall so he would have a step if he used the box springs. That worked great.

For now, his toddler bed is still in there so it looks like three boys live in that room. (NOTE: THERE IS ONLY ONE BOY AND NO PLANS TO ADD ANOTHER! Ahem!) Because of the extra bed, it seems so disorderly in there and nothing is in its place. But, I have a feeling that is just a sign of what to come with a little boy in our house. Do little boys ever keep their rooms in order?


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