Saturday, August 1, 2009

Getting ready for hunting season

If you are a boy and live in Louisiana, then it is necessary to learn to hunt at an early age. It proves to be difficult when your dad does not hunt. But, fortunately, Jonah has some great men in his life who love him and love hunting. So, they are stepping in and introducing him to the world of hunting.

Lesson #1: BOW HUNTING!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Daddy is HOME!

Jonah and Marlie were both super excited about their dad's arriving back in Vidalia after camp. I always miss him but I understand where he is and why. Three year olds don't quite get that. They were so anxious to see their favorite men.
I kept pointing to the direction the buses would come from. Jonah took off full speed towards that road. Milah went with him and helped him spot the buses after they turned off the highway. Jonah waved as big as he could. He was so excited that his dad was coming home.

Milah and Jonah ran full speed back to the parking lot. Jonah was running towards his dad and Milah was running towards her Kodi. (At least, I don't think she was running towards Dan!) ha! Milah has 3 boys and she has taught me tons about being a mommy to boys. I would prefer to keep Jonah clean and smelling good but she has helped me see the importance of dirt and outside fun. I'm not all the way there yet but I've come so far with her encouragement.
If you look at the corner of the trailer, you can see Dan leaning down and Jonah running towards him. That little boy loves his daddy. (And, that daddy loves his little boy!!)

Carrie and Michelle both went as chaperones and had such a fun time. Even though they are all smiles in this picture, they were exhausted!!! I realized Jonah wasn't next to me then discovered he was at the trailer helping Dan unload. He thought he was such a big kid pulling on those suitcases and trying to hand them off.

He took his job so serious that he even tried to pull the spare tire out. He tugged and pulled and grunted and that thing never moved. He finally looked at me and said "I think I'll just leave it here!" HA!

Capturing the tradition

You saw the comparison pictures from our annual birthday pictures at the golf course already. Here are other pictures from that afternoon.

Decorating and more gifts

Decorations were much more low-key this year than the past two years. There is only so much you can do with a large gym. I actually did have plans to pull out my CRICUT and make things for the tables and a few things for the walls. Lack of time made that not happen. Dan, as always, was a trooper. He did everything I asked of him all the while working on 36 pages of papers that were due for his D.Min. They weren't due until today but he wanted to finish them and get them in the mail before leaving for camp.

Sue stopped by after work to see if she could help with anything. I was so glad. She helped me get all the candy bars wrapped and water bottles wrapped. I ordered labels to match Jonah's party invitation and thank you notes. They were super cute but required a couple of hours of time.

David and Linda got to town about the time Sue was leaving. We put them right to work too. They helped us make banners for the baby play area and treat bag bar.

We finished everything that could be done then headed home for some Popeyes chicken and more gifts from Granny and Granddaddy. Somehow, I ended up with only this one picture. I hurt my knee earlier in the week and being on the hard gym floor for several hours had not helped. I was in significant pain by the time we got home so I missed a few photo opportunities with those gifts.


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