Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthday Party Sneak Peek

Since my sweet friend Amanda captured over 500 images from Jonah's birthday party, it is going to take me a little time to edit them and post them. So, for now, I give you a 16 picture preview. We had a fabulous day thanks to so many people who came and made it special. Enjoy these pics and stay tuned for more!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My new favorite picture

Here we are on the bluff over looking the mighty Mississippi and this is the face I get! I was expecting a precious shot with a sweet smile and the sunset behind us. Nope, this is what I got! And, I LOVE IT! That is SOOO the face he has been making the last few weeks so I am so happy to have it on camera. It makes me laugh!! He looks like he thinks I'm about to drop him over that fence!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Way back WHENsday

Three years ago today, this is how we looked! (Notice how Max barely has any gray hair?) We had no idea what was in store for us. We only knew we were excited and ready to meet a little baby boy. Oh, how that little baby boy changed our lives!!!

At the pool...again!

As you might can tell, the pool has become one of our most favorite summer activities. There is nothing Jonah would rather do. So, as often as we can, we go! And, on some of those occasions, he actually stops long enough for some pictures. (including the classic big-boy head tilt!)

After a brief showing of his "muskills," Jonah decided to have a Popsicle in the pool before training for the Olympics. As you can see, there are two sticks. He ate all of his then finished mine.

He was somewhat intrigued with all of the equipment Art had outside of the pool. He was giving Dan lessons on how to care for the pool since they will be in Alaska for 10 days on a mission trip. This will be our first pool care/garden picking experience. Here's hoping they don't regret letting us help them do this.

Jonah jumped off the diving board way more times than I counted. He jumped, swam to the side, got out and repeated this over and over. One time he got up there and started dancing. Dan told him to be careful on the diving board and not dance because he could slip. Jonah said "But, I gotta potty!" So, off to the side they went!

We love afternoons like this as a family. We are so appreciative to the Verdels for sharing their pool with us. Although, Jonah has started calling it HIS pool, so maybe I should thank the Verdels and Jonah!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Smart boy

Some time ago, I read an article about how many kids of ministers rebel and completely turn away from God. It dealt with the feelings kids have of being less important than everyone else in the church (because daddy is always at church) and how they see church people treat their father. As I continued to read, it gave several suggestions about ways to combat those feelings.

One of the things it suggested was sectioning off parts of the job for your child. For instance, never associate Sunday as a work day for daddy. Instead of daddy being at work on Sunday, communicate that we all go to church on Sunday but daddy gets to talk in front of everyone. Then, when he has meetings during the week, don't say that he is still at work. Instead, say something about what the meeting is going to accomplish. See the examples of some things I have come up with below.
  • Personnel Committee- Daddy likes for every one, including us, to do our best in every thing we do. So, tonight, he is talking to some friends about how they can do better at their job and congratulating them on all the good things they do.
  • Finance Committee- Tonight your dad is talking about money with our friends. They are trying to figure out the best way to spend money and save money. Remember when Daddy helps you put money in your piggy bank? That is kind of what he is doing with our friends.
  • Children's/Youth Committee- Don't you love playing in the nursery and doing special things with your friends at church? Daddy and some of their moms and dads are together talking about fun things to with you and all of your special friends. If you have any ideas, we can tell him when he gets home.
  • Choir Practice- Do you know how much daddy likes to sing? He sings all the time doesn't he? Well, he is practicing a few songs right now so he can sing better. When he gets home, we should ask him to sing for us.
  • Counseling Appointment- Sometimes people have problems and they need to talk to someone. Your daddy knows just what to say to them so he is talking to them right now. When he gets home, he will talk to you about anything you want.
  • Wedding- Our friends met each other and fell in love just like mommy and daddy did a long time ago. They needed someone to help them live together and have the same last night. Your daddy knows how to do that so he is helping them. Isn't that nice of daddy?
  • Funeral- We have some friends who are very sad because someone they love lives with Jesus now. Daddy is with them trying to help them feel better. Daddy is so sweet to do that, isn't he?
The article suggested that you only associate church being Dad's work during the hours of 8-5 when most men are typically at work. Hopefully, your child will begin to realize that work is a normal thing for all dads, church is a regular thing and the extra things are just things that daddy has to do sometimes. If you say "Daddy is at church" every time he is at a church event or meeting then he will quickly realize that the church consumes so much time.

All of that leads to this story. Our youth are at Centrifuge this week. Dan left this afternoon headed to camp so he could do dinner, worship and church group time with our students. He won't be home until well after midnight so obviously, he won't see Jonah tonight. As we were eating dinner a few minutes ago, Jonah asked where his daddy was. I told him that he drove out of town to go see some of our friends at camp. He asked which friends. So, I told him Dusty, Heidi, Taylor, Kassi, Megan, and Stephen and a whole lot more. He wanted to know what they were doing there so I told him some of the things that were going on at camp.

Jonah told me then that he wanted to see his daddy. I explained to him that he was a camp learning more about God and would see him tomorrow. He let it drop and continued eating. A few minutes later, he looked at me and said "Mommy, did you mean to say my dad was at work?"

Um, yeah honey, that is what I meant! So much for child psychology! If he drops out of church in 20 years, don't blame me...I tried!

Birthday Buddies

Jonah had a little pre-birthday celebration with Baylee Brewer last Sunday night. She came all the way from Nashville, TN just to give him a birthday gift. (Not really, she only came from Palm Street in Vidalia! She was in town visiting her grandparents!!!) Baylee just had a birthday on July 4. She turned 2 years old. I neglected to send her gift when Greg and Cindy went to Nashville for the party. So, she and Jonah exchanged gifts Sunday.

They gave Jonah a super cute Monkey raincoat. I LOVED IT! I have been wanting a raincoat for him so I was so happy to see him pull that out of the bag. He loved it too, can't you tell?

HA! I think he got embarrassed when we all started ooohing and ahhing over him. He buried his head for a minute then was back to normal. Baylee was most impressed with Max. (a.k.a. PUPPEEEEE!)

We tried to get a picture of Baylee, Kassi, Jonah and Max all together but Max jumped right before I snapped the picture. Thus the expressions on their faces!
Jonah took Baylee back to his room to play with his toys and he buried his head again. (Notice him on the bed?) He was so timid around her. I'm thinking there might be a little crush involved. Hey, who wouldn't have a crush on a blonde haired, blue eyed cutie like Baylee?

I pulled out the tee-pee from Docka Russ and that broke down all barriers. Those kids had a blast going in and out of that thing. Baylee couldn't decide if she like it or the easel the best. (Shonda, she needs one of those easels for Christmas...she LOVES it!)

It was time for Baylee to leave so they gave bye hugs to each other. I can't believe either of the slowed down long enough to actually hug the other one.

As they were leaving, Jonah decided he needed to potty. Baylee marched right in there with him to watch. We hoped it might inspire her. Nope! But, that could be due to Jonah's bossing her to get get on the toilet. Take note of that finger pointing to the toilet!
We had so much fun playing with Baylee but really missed her mommy and daddy! Maybe next time!


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