Saturday, July 18, 2009

Motorcycle Man (and woman!)

Jonah got a Helmet Hero set last Christmas. When he opened it on Christmas morning, he played with it for a few minutes then put it up. It seemed to be a little advanced for him. Last week, I came out of a bin because we did toy rotation. He picked it up and has played his little heart out with the thing. It is a helmet that makes sounds like you are actually on a police bike. The thing you hold in your hands is similar to a motorcycle. So, you pretend you are driving a police motorcycle.

After business meeting last week, he asked Sue to go home with her. He spent a couple of hours over there then she brought him home. Before she could leave, he made sure she played a motorcycle cop too!

She wouldn't give it back (ha!) so he moved on to his Little Einstein Rocket. And, interesting enough, that is another one of his three toys he got at Christmas that he wasn't interested in then but loves now. Another reason I LOVE the toy rotation. It always piques his interest in toys and they seem brand new!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My cardboard testimony

As you know, our church did Cardboard Testimonies last Sunday. The video is posted a couple of posts below if you haven't seen it! But, I wanted to show you a couple of pictures. After church, Kassi got Jonah from the nursery and brought him to the sanctuary. He gave hugs to all of his friends then I found him up front with the cardboard. I was able to take a picture of him holding the back side of my sign. Since I had such a precious shot of him holding it, I decided to show you the front also. What a great testimony to God's power in my own life!

Guess who LOVES cherries?

Cardboard Testimonies from Sunday

Our service last Sunday was very powerful. God's spirit was very evident and so many hearts and lives were changed. Dan edited his sermon and the actual Cardboard Testimonies so that he could upload them to YouTube. There are three videos on his blog. Go HERE to see all of them. The first two are his sermon then the last is the video of the Cardboard Testimonies. I've only posted the last one but if you missed Sunday, please go to his blog and watch the first two before the final video.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swimming with Eli

Our church had a golf tournament Saturday so Jonah and I spent the morning at the pool. Sue came over because she wanted to see Jonah swim. I knew Josh was playing in that same tournament so I called Amanda to see if she and Eli wanted to come too. When Jonah heard me say we were going to swim, he ran to his room to put his swim suit on. He did great except for one little thing...he had them on backwards.

Before he stepped into the pool, I told him to turn his shorts around. He stripped down right there and turned them around. NO SHAME!

Eli likes the water but he most likes to stand on the steps and pat the water that splashed out of the pool. He was pretty taken with Jonah and watched him a lot but he mostly wanted to be in his mommy's arms if he wasn't standing on the side.

It was fun to play with them. Amanda has spent LOTS of time with our family at the pool in the past few summers. She is a little busy this summer but we were glad to be there at the same time at least once this year.

Jonah's first birthday gift

Jonah got his first birthday gift in the mail Saturday. He was so excited to see a package for him and even more excited to open it. It was from Ella, Amelia and Audrey. I LOVED the wrapping. (Thus, the reason I'm holding it for a picture!) The girls colored a sheet of butcher paper and Allison used that to wrap the gift. I will so be stealing her idea. (Thanks, Allison!)

As Max looked on, Jonah worked with great determination to unwrap his gift. He was so excited to discover his own super hero cape. Allison told me about it but it was even cuter than I could have imagined!
Ladies and Gentleman, you have all heard of Dr. J. But, allow me to introduce you to SUPER J!!!

And, just so you know, he was most impressed that it "matches" his Mickey Mouse PJs! And, this mommy was most impressed to realize that he was right. The colors were a dead on match for his pajamas he had on. Thanks Uncle Doug, Aunt Allison, Ella, Amelia, and Audrey (man, that was a lot of vowels I just typed!!!) for a great gift to being the birthday celebration!!!

P.S. Super J has now been seen at the business meeting, at Walmart, at the post office and outside playing while wearing his new cape!

Afternoon Pool Fun

When I got home from work last Thursday, I told Jonah to grab his swimsuit so we could go to the pool. He LOVES the pool and is actually swimming under water already. We are so proud of his ability in the water. One of our favorite activities with him is swimming. He was so happy about going to swim that he ran as fast as he could to get his suit then off we went to go "swimmening."
When we got to Art & Vera's house, I discovered there were already people there swimming. I told Jonah and he cried. So, as to not disappoint a little boy, we headed right back to our house and filled up the plastic pool and started the slip and slide. That suited him just fine!

He played, and laughed, and jumped and slid, and giggled and shot water guns and then at one point looked at me and said "Mommy, are you having fun too?" Oh yes, little buddy! I was having just as much fun as he was.

What a cheeser!?!?! The kid has perfected the cheesy grin. I am always tempted to tell him to smile "normal" or "like a big boy" or "with wide open eyes" but I know I will look back one day and cherish these cheesy pictures because they so make up his personality now. And, just when I think I understand all of his expressions, he surprises me with this Rambo-like look! Give a boy a gun and look what you get!!
Poor Max! All he wanted was a little drink of water from that big ole water bowl! But, every time he got close, Jonah scared him half to death! I finally convinced Jonah to get some water in a cup for Max. He did it and then got upset when Max wouldn't drink from it.

I told Jonah it was ten minutes until bath time. He leaned right over to "washes" his hair so he wouldn't have to take a bath. If only I had shampoo outside with us!
While he played a little longer, I decided to play with the settings on my camera.

We had no tears or meltdowns getting out to the pool because we were joined by a little bumblebee that scared Jonah out of his mind. If only I could orchestrate a bumblebee to show up every time I needed him to leave an activity!!


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