Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marlee Kate's Birthday Party

Marlee Kate Lynch had her 3rd birthday party last Sunday night at the Beau Pre pool. We left our church picnic a little early so we could make it there. Jonah was so excited about seeing his friends from school. As different kids arrived, he would point to them, say their name and grin so big. He has really missed them!

John Walker did the same thing as he saw kids. As soon as he saw Jonah, he smiled and waved and kept saying his name.

Here is the birthday girl, Miss Marlee Kate. She and Jonah are the two youngest in their class. Since she has turned three, that only leaves one little boy to have a party. (2 weeks until the big day!!!)

Take a look at the next picture. Notice Jonah getting something from his toe? We were standing at the pool talking to "Docka Russ" and Jonah was digging between his toes. By this time, several people were watching him. He said, "I got a chip under my toe!" We told him to keep trying to get it out as we all watched. When he finally got it, he put it right in his mouth.
Jonah got tired really fast! He told us he wanted to go home and go night-night. So, we said our goodbyes to all of Jonah's friends and headed out. As you can see, Marlee Kate didn't want Jonah to go just yet.

It was fun to see Jonah with his school friends again. He has spent two years with many of those kids. I have loved watching them grow, learn and mature!

Kyle Staples

Sometimes, life is just hard. It seems so unfair that some kids are born completely healthy and some have to struggle for everything. I look at Jonah and feel completely grateful to God for his life and health. Then, I look at our friends Steve and Shiloh and can only pray God will grant them wisdom and peace.

When we moved to Texas for Seminary, we had the opportunity to serve on staff at FBC, Glen Rose. The church was an hour from the Seminary but they quickly became our family. They loved us, supported us, discipled us and prayed for us. The pastor, Brent Ferren is still one of our dear friends. His grandson (Steve and Shiloh's baby boy) was born in April and has some significant health issues. Here is an excerpt from their first blog post.

Kyle Bradley Staples was born Friday, April 24th 2009 in Stephenville, TX. Seemingly, everything was great with Kyle. He had a fast delivery with no complications; however, that day the Pediatrician picked up on a heart murmur. She checked his oxygen levels, and they were low. She informed Kyle's Mommy and Daddy that he would need to be moved to Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth for further testing. Kyle was 12 hours old when the Teddy Bear Transport team from Cook Children's arrived. He rode by ambulance to the hospital with his Daddy by his side. His Mommy, Shiloh, was released from the hospital only 15 hours after giving birth. She was rushed to Fort Worth to be by Kyle's side. At the hospital, many tests were done and it was discovered that the left side of Kyle's heart was underdeveloped. The aortic valve was too small and the aortic arch was too narrow. Steve and Shiloh were informed that Kyle would require open heart surgery. The news was devastating!! Here is a timeline of events for the past month."

I logged on a little after midnight tonight to check on them and was very sad to discover that little Kyle isn't doing very well. The doctors have asked them to make a decision that no parent should ever have to make. Take a moment and read their latest entry.

The doctor came by tonight and talked with us. To summarize, he basically told us we were to the point where we were hurting Kyle unnecessarily.

We told Abigail today that the doctors thought brother was going to die. That was hard. She took it better than we did. We'll see if it sinks in; she's only four, but she's so smart.

We are going to try to meet with Dr. Susan Davis tomorrow. Shiloh and I really connected with her, and she also seems to be the most optimistic. If she agrees with the other doctors that we need to quit, then we will have a decision to make. A decision that no parent should ever have to make.

Kyle has basically been on life support (breathing machine) for over ten weeks. I think what the doctors are saying is that whether we turn the breathing machine off or leave it on, it doesn't change his chances of healing. The only difference is how long he survives.

The God we serve is powerful enough to heal Kyle, regardless of our decision. I know that. He opens doors that no one can close, and He closes doors that no one can open. We're just praying that we make decisions for Kyle that honor God and are in accordance with His will.

I'm still praying that God will heal little Kyle's body. Perhaps the Lord will be gracious to me and let the child live. We'll see. It ain't over till it's over.

Will you join me in praying for Steve, Shiloh and their extended families? You can get to their blog by clicking HERE. Leave a comment for them. I know they need all the love, support and encouragement they can get right now.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Me, Jonah and Mom!

I found these pictures from my trip to Jackson a few weeks ago. I told Jonah to smile for a picture and said only if he could take a picture of MiMi. So, here we all are!

A morning of Golf

Notice Jonah's clubs laid behind the seat? I don't think the Hibbs could have given him anything he loves more than those!!!
Dan got a text from Jon Betts early this morning to see if he and Jonah wanted to go play golf. We knew Jonah would love but asked him to be sure. Lets just say he had a hard time stopping long enough for breakfast because he was so excited. As you know, my little Point & Shoot camera is off for warranty work so I had nothing to send with Dan. (I'm pretty sure he would have refused to take my Digital SLR with the girly strap!) I begged him to stop by the church to borrow a camera. He did! (Reason #263,679,321 that I adore him!)

At some point, Jonah decided to use the camera for a couple of shots. He didn't quite get all of Jon's head in the frame but did okay on his dad! (actually, it appears Dan has learned trick of ducking down in order to get in the general direction of the camera aim!)

Dan said Jonah did great and actually hit the ball pretty well. I was worried he would give up and want to be done before the big guys but Dan said he was a trooper. He said he could have played more and been fine. I love that Jonah is liking golf. That is something he can enjoy with his daddy for years to come.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


One night last week, Dan called me to the kitchen and told me to bring my camera. I walked in and he said "show mommy what you do when you get in trouble." Apparently, in the midst of his dinner, he looked at Dan and said "You wanna see what I do when I'm in trouble?" Who knew he had a plan of action each time he is reprimanded?!?! Trust me though, this is EXACTLY what he does!!!! I guess he has been faking us out all this time!!! I thought that head tilt and those sad eyes were genuine sadness/repentance!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Rainy Day FUN!

My babysitter left to go to TN last Wednesday so we had to make alternate arrangements the last few days. Dan stayed home with Jonah Thursday and Friday so today was my turn. But, I could not stay home so he went to work with me. What an experience!!! I was exhausted after the first hour. My boss came in after 3.5 hours and encouraged me to spend the afternoon at home with Jonah. HA! This came after he gave Jonah all the chocolate he asked for. I'm guessing a nap may be out of the picture!!!

When we left for the office this morning, it was pouring rain so Jonah asked to take his umbrella with us. I let him take it but since we were parked under our carport, there was no need to use it. This made him very unhappy. I told him if it was still raining when we got home then he could use it. So, after a pizza lunch date with my favorite boy, we arrived home to play in the rain.

You should know that Max does like to get his feet wet. Some time ago, he forgot he was a dog and refuses to go outside when it is wet. I found it so interesting that as Jonah got closer to the street, Max left the dry carport to be next to him. Protector? I think maybe so???

After seeing Max out in the rain, I decided to have a little afternoon fun. I asked Jonah if he wanted to really splash around. He, of course, said yes! So, we went inside for his rain boots. While I was there, I grabbed Max's raincoat. Yes, our dog has a raincoat. No, he has never actually worn it for rain. Yes, we bought it before Jonah was born. No, he doesn't like it! Yes, it covers his eyes!

Jonah, being the neat freak that he is, wasn't too skilled at finding his own puddles. So, I had to point them out to him. Once he found a puddle full of water, he splashed and splashed. He jumped with all his might to see how high that water would "fly!"

While he jumped, Max walked around blindly in hopes of finding someone to remove the raincoat from his body. Every time I removed the hat from his eyes, I rolled around until it covered his eyes again.

I have missed afternoons at home with him this summer. I so enjoyed being with him during those couple of afternoons during the school year. Even nasty, rainy days turn in to fun days with this little kiddo!


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