Saturday, July 4, 2009

No camera = No photos to share

Last Tuesday, I delivered my trusty point & shoot camera to Best Buy for Warranty work. I have not taken a picture since then. Well, I take that back, I have taken some with my phone. But, the quality isn't all that great. So, until I get it back, you'll just have to imagine how Jonah is spending his days.

I would tell you that he saw his first 3-D movie today but that might make you wish you had pictures. Especially if you knew the glasses were way too big for his head but he wore them anyway. And, you would probably want to see the huge thing of popcorn that sat in his lap. You would definitely want to see the tube of M&M's he ate and how the chocolate was all over his face. But, since I have no camera right now, you'll just have to take my word for it when I say he had a LARGE time and his daddy and mommy grinned the whole time just because he loved it so much.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fathers Day

Don't be confused! We haven't added a little girl to our family. That is Hannah Hargon and she was dedicated to God (along with 11 other babies) on Father's Day. She has been a mommy's girl the last several months but when they walked in that morning, she reached for me. So, I took her to my pew and she spent the first part of the service next to me. I took my camera with me in hopes of capturing some shots of our friends babies being dedicated. But, at the last minute, Dan realized he needed me to hand out Bibles and certificates to the parents. Our nursery coordinator was out that day so I did that for him and missed the opportunity to take pictures. So, fast forward through the entire service and that leads us to Jonah seeing his daddy for the first time on Father's Day.
I got him from the nursery then headed straight for the sanctuary. He was more than happy to tell his daddy "happy fathers day, i love you!" He loves his daddy and runs to him full speed when he sees him.

Then, at some random moment, he decided he needed "some money!" He happened to mention that to Beppa so she sent him to find Cliff. And, fortunately, Cliff gave him some money for his pocket.

After church, we got in our car and headed to Baton Rouge. Dan had a 5 p.m. flight to Louisville so we planned to do lunch together then take him to the airport. We were a little short on time so we went to the food court at the Mall of Louisiana. That was just fine with Jonah because he loves the carousel. That is great motivation to get him to eat. We make him eat before he gets to ride. (Be sure to notice his shirt!)

Dan has been looking for a new messenger bag for his laptop. We hoped to find one at the Apple store. Dan did not find one he liked but Jonah sure did. He picked out a few. He really wanted his daddy to get a red one. His daddy declined!

We got to the airport and I made the decision not to get out of the car and go inside. I thought that might make it harder for Jonah to say goodbye. So, we pulled to the departing flights lane and said our goodbyes from the car. Jonah did not cry...I did! We planned ahead and brought a bag full of goodies that Dan could hand him as we pulled off. It worked like a charm. We should have thought about a goody bag for me. :-)

Jonah and I drove home and arrived at MeMaw and B's house just in time for a fish fry! We got to enjoy a great Father's Day meal without our father. But, that was okay because we spent it with other men who certainly take a father role with Jonah. I have mentioned before how appreciative we are for the adults who take on the grandparent role with Jonah. Three of those men (Cliff, Tim and Greg) are all pictured in this Father's Day post and I think that is so appropriate. They have stepped in to be "grandpa" or "uncle" on many occasions. Jonah knows them as friend. He loves, adores, respects and idolizes these men. (And, at many times, I think they feel the same!) We are so blessed to have them in our lives.
Here are a couple of videos I took on the morning of Father's day. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My boy!

You see that little boy? I LOVE HIM!!! He has brought me more joy in the last week than I have experienced in a long time! Now, please let me clarify. There has been nothing in my life to steal my joy but one day last week, this little guy woke up in a mood that radiated happiness and I just can't get enough of him. I find my self getting on his level and having conversations with him just to hear him giggle and to see those big brown eyes open as wide as possible. Seriously, I don't think my heart could handle much more.
Every time he prays, he says "Dear God, thank you for Mommy, Daddy and Max!" He then goes on to thank God for other people too but Max always makes the top three. He loves his dog. I've always heard things about "a boy and his dog." I totally get that. Jonah adores Max.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let Me Hold You Longer

My friend Kaysha posted a video tonight of one of my favorite authors reading a book she wrote. I watched the video...and cried! The video is six minutes long and definitely worth the watch. It made me realize I do such a good job of documenting all the firsts of Jonah's life but I never stop to think about the lasts. I wonder how different I would have felt had I known that I was giving Jonah his last bottle or changing his last diaper. And, I wonder how I would act if one day I put Jonah down for a nap and realize it is his last mid-afternoon nap. What a sweet, sweet book! I WILL be ordering this one! Watch this, but grab some tissue first! :-)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fun at Delta Bank

As most blog readers know, Jonah has a few friends that well over 10 times his age. While he enjoys playing with friends his own size, he is especially smitten with some adults that he thinks exist only to entertain him. Two of those adults are Cliff and Beppa! Cliff is the president of one of our banks in town and every time Jonah sees it, he says "There is Cliff's bank where Josh lives!" He watches for their trucks every time we pass the bank.

A few months ago, Delta Bank used a picture from this portrait session in one of their ads. Someone there got the idea to use Jonah in those overalls but in different settings around the bank for other ads. Last Monday, I dressed him in those overalls and his John Deere boots and we headed out the door. He was not the least bit concerned with having his picture taken. He wanted to see his friend Cliff. He knew Cliff was upstairs but he didn't understand exactly where to look for him.

I wish you could have seen him when he spotted Cliff down the hall. He took off running and jumped in his arms. When he and Cliff walked back into the lobby, he exclaimed "I FOUND HIM!"

Ms. Ouida took him to the back to help him get outfitted for the first few shots. Jonah was over the top impressed with his tool belt! I spent the next hour or so just following them around and taking pictures of the experience. My goal wasn't to capture them for the ad but to just get some for the memories. As you will see, he had a LARGE time!

After we were done, we walked upstairs to Cliff's office only to discover him looking at one of the pictures on his computer. Jonah was super impressed that he was on Cliff's TV!


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