Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dance practice!

I have done several posts lately with no words, only pictures. This will not be one of those posts. It has no pictures, only a video. While I know many of you come to our blog to read about or see pictures of Jonah, there are times that a post exists that has nothing to do with him. This is one of those posts. This post is all about my husband and a short video I captured last Saturday.

Before watching the video, you should know a few things.
  • Dan can't dance
  • Dan likes High School Musical (1 & 2 - He hasn't seen 3 yet!)
  • The Disney Channel had a "Sing along/Dance along" version of the movies last week
  • Dan is sometimes unaware of a camera pointed at him until it is too late
  • Dan thinks he controls what goes on the blog
  • Dan is wrong!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Way back WHENsday

These were taken during this same week but in 2006.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jonah misses his daddy!!!

Jonah looked at me this morning and said "Did my daddy forgot us?" I picked him up and explained to him (again!) that Dan was at a conference and he wishes he was with us. He seemed okay and moved on.

About two hours later, I received a text from Kassi, my babysitter. It said "Jonah just said "My daddy not forget me. My daddy LOVE me. He workin, that's all!"

OFF the precious meter!!!!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Business Meeting

Our church has nursery only through age 3. When a child turns 4, it is time to have them in the sanctuary full time. I have tried to take Jonah to things on occasion in there but when he sees his daddy up front, he wants to be with him. Since then, I have decided business meeting nights are a great time to try since we don't have a nursery.

So, a couple of weeks ago, we headed to "big church." Jonah ran straight to his daddy and in great daddy fashion, he got thrown in the air. He loved it. Everyone smiled and laughed, including me. What I did not realize was that was only solidifying the fact that Jonah thinks he does not have to be quiet or still in there.

Dan walked up the steps to grab the stand and Jonah asked if he could help. So, he followed his daddy up the steps and did his part to carry the other end.

We sat down and waited for the meeting to start when Jonah asked if he could take a picture of the stand he carried. So, for your viewing pleasure, I present...THE STAND!
I had somewhat of a difficult time keeping him entertained and quiet but he did okay overall. The funniest moment came at the end when Dan called on Mr. Art to pray. I picked Jonah up and said "Jonah, it is time to pray. Close your eyes!" Then, in a regular voice, Jonah said "Dear God, thank you for mommy, daddy and Max!" I hated to shush him but I had to do it. He was so sincere and did not understand why Art could pray and he couldn't.

After the meeting ended, he ran straight to MeMaw to do some "smashing!" That is their newest game and Jonah squeals with delight when they play it!


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