Saturday, June 13, 2009

So very dangerous!

Jonah fell asleep in the car today. I guess he dreamed something random because when he woke up, he started screaming "Mommy, you have to stop. This is dangerous...very, very, very so dangerous!" I finally settled him down only to hear him say the same thing over and over every 10 minutes.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who says Doctors no longer make house calls?

Jonah has had a tough week. Kassi called us Monday afternoon to say he was throwing up. We rushed home to find a sickly little boy. Within thirty minutes of being home, he was totally fine. We assumed something just didn't sit right on his tummy and went on with life. Tuesday, he was a little whiny and kept saying he didn't feel good. At 2 in the morning Wednesday, he crawled into our bed and told me his ear was bothering him. I noticed then that he was very warm. I gave him some Tylenol and put him back to bed.

When he got up a few hours later, I realized he was still sick. So, I called Dr. Russ' office for an appointment. By the time we got there, he was burning up with fever and very whiny. She came in and checked him from head to toe and only saw an issue in his throat. It was covered with puss. We both assumed strep. She did a strep test and it was negative. She then decided to blood work to check his white count. Those levels were completely normal. She was still concerned so she sent another set of blood work to a lab to test for Mono. She sent us home with no RX and said she would call around 4 that afternoon. Jonah was very upset that she did not give him any medicine. Fortunately, it was time for Tylenol again so he got his "fix" at her office and that seemed to be okay with him. She called around 5 to say the strep test was NEGATIVE.

She advised me to watch him and call her on her cell the next day (today) if his fever worsened. I feel the need to tell you that the two hours yesterday between him waking up from his nap and Sue stopping by our house were two of the WORST of his short little life. NOTHING I did made him happy. He felt bad and wanted the world to know it. Thankfully, Sue called to see if I needed anything and I was out of juice for him. So, she stopped by to stay with him while I ran to Wal-Mart. She walked in and hugged him and this is the conversation that took place.

Sue: Hey Boo-Boo! I'm so sorry you feel bad.

Jonah: I'm sick. I don't feel good!

Sue: I'm sorry you don't feel good.

Jonah: I went to Dr. Russ' office today. She did not make me feel better!!! (insert chuckles from Mommy here!)

Sue: She didn't? I'm so sorry!

Jonah: And, Dr. Russ did not give me any medicine!!! I asked her for medicine!

By this time, I am laughing hysterically! What two year old tells people the doctor didn't help them!?! And, what 2 year old asks for medicine? He sounds like an addict!!!! Anyway, I got in my car and left the two of them to discuss the perils of his day. I had to call Dr. Russ and tell her what he just told Sue. She laughed even harder than I did!

Well, I finished my quick trip to Wal-Mart and then headed back home. Ont he way home, my cell phone rang and I saw it was Dr. Russ. She said she was in my driveway. I called Sue to let her know to let her in and that I 'd be there in a minute. I came home to find her, Chandler & Annie all back in Jonah's room with a super cool Tee-Pee she bought him. He was THRILLED! I knew she bought it for his birthday a while back but had forgotten about it.

While they were in his room, he made sure to point out every single inch of the room and every toy he has. He was very proud to show her "his" stuff. And, he was quite smitten with Chandler and Annie. He has been around them a good bit over the past couple of years and really likes them.

I love this picture! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Docka Russ! I did not know her before Jonah was born but we have become such good friends since then. She likes to shop (even more than me!) so we make trips out of town to get our shopping fix. We are both scrapbookers and have spent HOURS at a time on Friday nights scrapping and talking. Dan and I have said numerous times that outside of this church, Jennifer Russ is the best part of us living here. We like her THAT much! (and, you can tell that she really loves our little boy!)

At some point during our visit, Jonah decided he wanted to take pictures. And, boy did he ever! I deleted 40 pictures that I uploaded. He was certainly happy to have control of the camera. He took all of these except for the ones with him in them.

Sue got cut off but I had to post this one because she smiled on command just like he instructed her to do.

Jonah's meets law enforcement

The Vidalia Chief of Police is a member of our church. He came to the VBS parent meeting to see his kids perform. Jonah spotted his handcuffs and asked what they were. Tapper took them out and showed them to Jonah.

He was all impressed! Although, he never quite got how they worked. He kept trying to figure it out and then the cuffs would flip back around. Lets hope he never has to have them used on him!!!!

Saturday at the Lake!

We spent last Saturday at the lake with a fun group of people. Jeff and Becky Ferguson were so sweet to open their lake house to our church staff and the Welch & Randall families. Jonah was so excited about going. The trip there seemed to take forever because Jonah constantly asked when we were going to the lake! We finally made it there and he was thrilled. He even carried our brownies inside. Then, he discovered Stephen holding their desserts so they stopped for a picture together.

I put my phone and camera down on the table then picked it back up to take a picture. It made me laugh! We all went to the lake to escape and relax but we sure brought our technology with us! (this was not all of the phones/cameras)
I wanted a picture of our family before getting in the boat but as you can see, Jonah's eyes were only on the boat. That is all he cared about!
We all took a leisurely ride around the lake in the big boat before anyone tubed or got on the knee board. Becky (aka "my miss becky" to Jonah) showed Jonah how to hold his hand out to feel the water.
Then, Stephen and Dan showed him how to do the "I'm the King of the World" from Titanic. It never fails, any boat I have ever been on, someone does that. I guess it will forever be Jonah from this point on.

After our leisurely ride, we went back to enjoy a wonderful fish lunch made by Papaw! The day could have ended there and we would have had a wonderful time. But, there was much more fun to be had.

The last picture makes me smile every time I see it. Jonah and MeMaw LOVE each other. The look on Jonah's face is there anytime MeMaw is around.

Dan and Jonah were the first to try out the tube. Jonah loved it. The kid has no fear. I'm pretty sure he would have done anything we allowed him to try out there. But, we took it slow and stuck to the tube on this first try.

Silly ole MeMaw acted like he was gonna throw Jonah in the lake but he was just kidding. Jonah did not find the humor in that.

Dan lost his hat at one point while on the tube. The big boat took off to see if we could spot it in the water. I saw it from a distance so we rode over to get it then Megan jumped in to rescue it. That is one of Dan's favorite hats so she was his hero.

Minus a busted eardrum for Stephen, we had a great day. It is always fun to spend the day with people you love while enjoying life. And, what better way to end a great day on the lake than with homemade ice cream???

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The final day of swim lessons

Jonah's first set of swim lessons have come and gone. I say "first set" because we know there is still so much more for him to learn. This was basically to make him comfortable in the water. Lessons usually start at age 4 but Katie & I both wanted the kids to have a pre-lesson.

Taylor Welch hooked me up with her friend Marlee who teaches at ACCS. She was great with Jonah and Julia. Jonah still talks about her. He now thinks any time he gets wet that Miss Marlee should be there to witness it. I think he was definitely crushing on her!

Friday was the last day of his lessons. He did so well with following her instructions. He loves the pool and loves the water. If exhaustion were not a factor, he could stay there all day.

When he got out of the pool, he turned towards Marlee and said "Well, this was fun!" HA! What a funny little guy! He wasn't trying to be funny, he was being totally serious!


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