Saturday, June 6, 2009

VBS 2009

VBS...ahhh...the most exhausting week in church life! Dan loves VBS week! He spends the entire week in full VBS mode. It absolutely wears him out. I love to watch him interact with children. We believe a large part of the growth our church has seen over the last 3-4 years is because of the emphasis our church puts on children and youth. We know that if we can reach kids, then we have the opportunity to reach their parents. Because of this, Dan pours his life into weeks like VBS. By the second day, he knows almost every child by name and makes a point to make them feel loved and cared about.

I had a parent stop me at the lunch Friday to say that they are not members of our church but if they were Baptist, this would be their church. The wanted me to know how much Dan impacts her children. She proceeded to tell me that they do an average of 4-5 Bible Schools each summer and ours is the only church who has a Pastor that is active, visible and involved all week. She thanked me for his contribution to her children's lives even though they weren't church members. I felt like Dan's mom!! I was all proud and giddy! I guess I know how much effort he puts into his job and how much he wants children to see God's love through him.

She also said that our directors are THE BEST of any VBS she has ever seen. She was over the top complimentary of our decorations and organization. Thanks Amanda and Delynn!
We don't have classes for Jonah's age but if a parent works in VBS then they offer a nursery for those kids. Since Dan worked and our babysitter worked, Jonah got to go this year. (Poor Mommy missed out on the fun because of my job!) I sent my camera to VBS and some of these pictures are mine but I also took some from Facebook! (Thanks Megan, Carrie and Kassi!)

This picture made me laugh! A bird got into the sanctuary and Stephen Crain caught it then he and Dan had to figure out how to get it out.

We do a mission offering each year. There is always a contest to see how much money can be raised for each team. This year, it was between Dusty and Stephen. If we raised $500 total, they both got a pie in the face. If it was less than $500 then the winner got to pie the loser. If the kids brought $1000 then the directors got the pie too. BUT, if we broke $1500, everyone, including Dan got a pie. As of Thursday, we were at less than $500. Dan got on the phone and started drumming up some support outside of the VBS kids. They ended up with over $1500 for missions. So, out came the pies! Jonah got to pie his daddy!

I walked up for the VBS celebration to find Dan in the courtyard leading everyone in "Hello, my name is Joe." If you have been around our church much, then you know he is famous around here for this song/game/dance/madness! I had to snap a couple of pics. He looks super cool, huh? (Don't worry, videos are at the end!)

I walked into the sanctuary to find Jonah and Noah hanging out with the koala bear. They have had lots of fun in the nursery together this week.

Lammy got to go inside and help us clean up after VBS. I didn't get to help with VBS because of work but I did get to go help do clean-up. I helped in the nursery while Jonah played. He kept telling Lammy what we were doing. I tried to convince him to HELP rather than point out those who were helping. He never did!
Enjoy the "JOE" videos. The first one is pretty short and from Friday. The second one is on Youtube from SMACK last year. After watching this, I think you'll understand why Dan is tired after SMACK and VBS each year.

Friday, June 5, 2009

You want who??

Let me set this up for you. It was 2:00 in the morning when I heard Jonah crying in his room. Typically, I would wait a few minutes before going in hopes of him going back to sleep. But, since we are in the midst of potty training, I am always afraid there is a potty issue when he cries. So, I get almost to his room when I heard this "I need them, I need Stephen and Megan!" Ummm, what? I walk in and say "Jonah, what's wrong buddy?" He said "Where are Stephen and Megan, I need them?" I explained to him that they were asleep at their house and that is what he should be doing also. This went on for five minutes with him crying to see them. I remembered where my camera was so I grabbed it to document this. I knew they would not believe this story so I had to capture it on video. Granted, the video is jet black but at the end, I do show you his moon and the time on the clock just for proof that this was the middle of the night.

Oh, and for those of you who don't live here, Stephen is our new Worship Pastor and Megan is his wife. They moved here May 18 and apparently Jonah is quite smitten with them?!?! I sure hope they are smitten too because the next time this happens, I'm SOOOO calling them! ;-)


When we were in Baton Rouge for Mother's Day weekend, we found a barber shop for kids called Snip-its. Jonah's first hair cut was when he was 9 months old and done at the Disney Barber Shop. Since then, he has had regular cuts. They have all been with "Miss-Shell" who happens to be our friend, Michelle Strong. I kind of felt like I was betraying her by taking him there so I sent her a text to let her know we were trying a "fun" place for him.

The start off by giving him his own pass, a sucker and starting a movie at his station. He seemed to be impressed with that. They even gave Dan bubbles to blow for him while the hair was being cut.

When all was said and done, you stick your little pass in the slot, put some of your hair in front of the opening and punch a button. The machine sucks your hair up and shoots a prize out to you.

We were not especially impressed with the barber's interaction with Jonah nor the actual haircut but figured it was worth it for the experience. We got in the car and Jonah said "I want to go see Miss-shell next time." DONE! Us too, little buddy!

We left there and headed to the Mall of Louisiana. On our way there, Jonah asked where we were going. I told him we were headed to the mall. When we pulled up, he asked "Is this a mall, mommy?" GASP! My child was unaware what a mall was!!! I am a shopper to the core and he did not even know what fuels my passion. We stopped to take a picture so I can frame it for his room. (Not really!)

T-ball practice

A few weeks ago when Dan was away at school, Jonah was desperate for some time outside. He wanted to go to the ball fields to watch "them big boys with hats" play but it is hard to watch him there when Dan isn't with me. There are SO many people there and kids run WILD! So, I improvised and brought the ball field to our house!

In the midst of playing t-ball, we decided to give our feathered friends a little treat. Jonah loves to watch birds. I love watching him watch birds. We bought a little feeder to hang on his window so he could watch them.

How do you like this? It wasn't until after it was hung and then the picture uploaded that I realized it was upside down! Oh well!

It is hard to believe the day is getting closer and closer that Jonah can be on an actual ball team. It seems like just yesterday he was laying on a blanket in the middle of the floor totally entranced by the ceiling fan. Now, he never notices the ceiling fan because there is a whole big world out there waiting to be explored! I'm just glad I get to watch him do it!

REUNITED and it feels SO good!

We missed Jonah so much when he was at my mom's last week. So, by the time Friday came, I could hardly wait to jump in the car and head north to get him. When we got to her house, he couldn't give us hugs and kisses for giving us the presents he made. He spent a lot of his week making crafts and wanted us to see every single one of them. He made Dan a frame for his office.

My grandmother came over and we got to give her a birthday gift. We usually never see her on her actual birthday because we live away from there but we happened to be there within a couple of days of her 77th birthday. Jonah helped her open her gift from us.

After we visited with mom and granny for a while, we headed out furniture shopping. We are getting closer to purchasing new furniture for Jonah's room so we wanted to get some ideas. If you need furniture ideas, then Miskelly is the place to go. Jonah had a LARGE time helping (playing) pick out furniture.

They even have a carousel that he loved. You can ride it for $1 and all of that money goes to a charity. Jonah rode it several times. He was all about helping a charity raise money.

We left there and had several other stops to make. One of which was PARTY CITY! It is inching closer and closer to birthday party time for a certain little 3 year old boy. So, I needed to check a few things out. Jonah and Dan played on the aisles while I shopped.

I ran into an old friend from high school while I was there and she happens to be good friends with another friend of mine. We talked about them and as I left, I texted them to let them know I had seen Sherri. Well, it just so happened they were free that night so we met at Bonsai for dinner.

You may recognize those friends from our blog list. You know, A GIFT WORTH THE WAIT? Reagan & Malinda are wonderful friends from Harmony Baptist Church. Dan was on staff there when we got engaged and married! They videoed our wedding for us, hosted a shower and have been huge supporters of us and our ministry over the last 11 years.

When we were at Disney last year, I got a call from Malinda saying they were at the hospital to witness the birth of their daughter. They struggled for many years to have a baby and even had failed adoptions in the past. This was such an exciting time for them but they were still very apprehensive. I posted a couple of times asking you to pray for them. MANY of you did! You can read those posts HERE and HERE. Those prayers were certainly answered because on May 25th, I had the privilege of posting to tell you about Sara Madalin going home to live with Reagan and Malinda...her forever mommy and daddy! You can read that post HERE.

You caught up now? Good! We met them at Bonsai Japanese Steakhouse. Jonah has never been to a place where they cook the food in front of you. We knew that would entertain him some. BOY DID IT!!!! The make the fried rice right in front of you so Jonah saw them scramble several eggs. He assumed the eggs were for him. When the man put the rice on the eggs and mixed it all together, he got very upset. HE WANTED EGGS! Fortunately, the kind cook cracked another egg and scrambled it just for him!

We had so much fun seeing our old friends and spending time with Sara Madalin. While we both read each other's blogs on a daily basis, it was good to see each other and see the realization of what we both prayed so long for. Jonah and Sara Madalin are our little blessing babies and we are both so grateful and so happy for each other. We had not seen them since Sara Madalin's baby dedication last June. You can read about that HERE. (last link, I promise!)

Dan gave Jonah his fortune cookie. Jonah didn't care about the fortune...ONLY the cookie.

I was able to get a picture of "MY DEACON" with my little boy. It is odd sometimes to see old friends with Jonah. I always think back to the times spent with those people before he came along. Those were fun days but these days are even better!

Jonah gave Sara Madalin a big hug before telling her goodnight. This is the picture we plan to use at their rehearsal dinner. You know, when they get married in 40 years!
Sara Madalin wanted Dan to hold her but Jonah was not all to thrilled with that idea. He all of the sudden lost all independence and wanted to be a baby too! It was so sweet to see her with Dan. She is such a loving, cuddly baby. It made us miss those baby days!

But, as sweet as it was, Dan gave her back to her mommy so his little boy could get some hugs and cuddly time in with daddy! Ahhh...all was right with the world again!


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