Saturday, April 25, 2009


Dan was scheduled to leave Monday around noon to drive to Houston for Cliff's surgery. Since he was going to be gone a couple of nights, we both spent a couple of days talking to Jonah about Dan being gone. That morning, Dan told Jonah that he was leaving and wouldn't see him again until Wednesday night after church. Jonah seemed to really get it.
Well, Dan decided he didn't want to leave town without seeing us one more time so he called me to meet him at Nikki's for lunch at noon after I got Jonah from school. I didn't tell Jonah we were going to see Dan when we got there. We walked in and Dan was sitting at the table. Jonah ran to him and said "Daddy...YOU'RE BACK!!!!!" It was really sweet but sad. I'm sure he thought the time had passed really quickly!!!

Jonah asked if he could "take some pictures, please"! So, I handed my camera over and he actually did pretty well. Granted, we basically moved our heads in the direction he was pointing the camera. But, these came out pretty good, huh?

Potty stories from Dan

Dan just relayed two stories from putting Jonah to bed the last two nights. As you can tell, potty training is a hot topic around our house.


Dan: Jonah, what does Tell Me have on? (Remember Tell Me? His puppy he made that wears underwear!)

Jonah: Big boy unnawears

Dan: Is Tell Me a big boy?

Jonah: Yeah, Tell Me a big boy puppy.

Dan: Jonah, what are you wearing?

Jonah: I wear diaper.

Dan: Jonah, are you a big boy?

Jonah: I big boy!

Dan: Why are you wearing a diaper if you are a big boy?

Jonah: I go to sleep now! Night-night! (He was SOO done with the line of questioning!)

Then he rolled over as if to politely excuse himself from further interrogation.


Dan: Jonah, what does Tell Me have on?

Jonah: Big boy unnawears

Dan: Is Tell Me a big boy?

Jonah: Yeah, Tell Me a big boy puppy.

Dan: Jonah, what are you wearing?

Jonah: I wear diaper.

Dan: Jonah, are you a big boy?

Jonah: I big boy!

Dan: Why are you wearing a diaper if you are a big boy?

Jonah: No, I not a big boy...I Jonah Daniel Glenn!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The new choir director!!!

Dan left for Houston Monday after lunch and Jonah didn't see him until after church Wednesday night. I was going to keep Jonah up until Dan got home from choir practice but when I got him from the nursery he said "Please can I see my daddy?" Yeah, I caved. I hate to let him see Dan for just a minute because it makes him cry. But, I took the risk because he missed his daddy so much.

Dan has been leading the choir while we have been without a worship leader. So, he walked in the choir room and then spotted his dad coming through another door. After lots of hugs and kisses, Dan put Jonah on the stool and let him direct. He loved it. There are two videos at the end so you can watch Jonah in action!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where in the world is Jonah?

My boss dropped by the house to pick Jonah up for "something fun to do!" As usual, I was kept in the dark by their plans. A few minutes ago, I received this photo. I guess I no longer have to wonder where they went!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Church Work Day

We are getting closer to the big move in day at church. Because of the new color of the sanctuary and addition, they decided to paint the education facilities in order to have all buildings blend. Saturday was the big day for painting. Dan left the house before 8 a.m. After Jonah ate breakfast, we headed up there. But, rather than drive, we took the wagon. I would like to go on record that pushing a stroller is much easier and more fun that pulling a wagon. I'm glad the church is only 1/2 a mile from home or I probably would have ditched the wagon and just let him walk.

Jonah was so intrigued with the painting and wanted to get his hands in it SOOO bad. But, every time he would attempt it, I would remind him to put his hands by his side. (and he did!!) But, when we rounded the corner, Dusty was glad to let him have a turn with his brush.

He thought painting with the brush was super cool until he rounded another corner and found Mr. Pratt using a sprayer. He got to make his mark with the sprayer too!

We would have stayed longer but we were put on lunch detail. So, we walked by home so we could order lunch and then go get it for the guys who were working. As we were making our way home, Jonah spotted Cliff's truck down the street and said he wanted to go see him. I knew they were leaving for Houston sometime that day so I called to ask if Jonah could go say goodbye to them. Cliff was working on a loan before heading out so we didn't want to interrupt but I wanted Jonah to see him since it would be a while before he could.

I reminded Jonah that Cliff was "sick" and would be having surgery at MD Anderson on Tuesday. He knew that because Dan and I have been talking to him about why Dan was going to see Cliff in Houston. As I was pulling him down the street he looked at me and said "I go see Cliff, I tell him feel better and we pray!" Awww!!! When we got there, he marched right in, around the corner, crawled in Cliff's lap and gave him a huge hug. SO sweet!
This video was taken when I stopped to capture the concert he was giving from his wagon. The more we traveled, the louder he got. It calmed down a bit once I pulled the camera out. But, you'll get the point.

Also, please note, this is the first and last time Jonah ever wore this shirt. If you remember, this is what he was wearing when he had his accident and ended up in the Emergency Room. We had to cut his shirt off that night. I'm glad it was on clearance at the Gap for only $6!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An afternoon of golf

Dan got home from work around 5:30 last Thursday and Jonah was itching to play outside with him. Dan suggested they play golf and Jonah jumped on board with the idea. I was going to stay home and clean the house but both boys asked me to go so there was no way I was going to turn that offer down.
If you have been reading our blog long, then you know about the tradition of going to the golf course on Jonah's birthday each year to take a picture at the sign of the hole that corresponds with his age. When we passed the first hole, I stopped the cart so I could snap a picture of Jonah in the same place. The first picture was taken July 27, 2007 on his first birthday then the second one was taken last Thursday. Big change, huh?

This little boy LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the golf course. He would go everyday if we let him. It is especially nice to take him late in the afternoon when no one is out there. We were the last cart to go out so there was no one behind us. It allowed him to take his time at each hole and not disturb anyone.

After golf, we headed to Pizza Hut for dinner. That wasn't planned but as we pulled out of the parking lot, Jonah said "I'd like pizza, please!" Who could deny that??? So, off we went! As you can see, he enjoyed it immensely!

Checking on the tile

Jonah was out of school the day after Easter so Dan stayed home with him. He has much more vacation time and sick time than I do so on days like that, he just works from home. He had a stack of files and books taller than Jonah to work on that day and I think he appreciated the change of scenery from the office. He said he got a lot more done.
But, because he was out of the office, he did not get to see the flooring progress made that day in the sanctuary. So, when I got home, we drove up there to take a look. That place is really starting to come together. It is crazy to think that this time next month we will be in the building!

We told Jonah he was standing over the place where a potty would be. He then proceeded to pretend to sit on a potty. Why oh why isn't using the potty that exciting at home?


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