Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jonah's first visit to the Emergency Room

I was taking a nap this afternoon when I heard Jonah scream. I immediately knew there was a problem. I'm not sure what was different about this scream but I just knew. It was almost like I was dreaming then I heard Dan yell my name. I jumped up and ran to the kitchen when I saw Dan holding Jonah on the counter with blood running down his face. I quickly wet a dish cloth to replace the paper towel that was being used to apply pressure.

Dan moved his hand for me to see the cut and I told him we had to go to the ER. I grabbed a bag for him, threw in a few diapers and headed out the door. Fortunately, I grabbed a juice cup but I wish I would have grabbed more. Who knew we would be gone so long. We got to the hospital, and I snapped this picture.
We were quickly moved to triage and felt quite confident this would be a quick experience. There was no one in the waiting room or in the triage area except for us. They took all of Jonah's vitals and then instructed us to wait for a room. We waited for only about 20 minutes then got moved to the back to a trauma room.

By this point, the bleeding had almost stopped but it was obvious he would need sutures. The ER was fairly quiet so we felt sure we were next to be seen. Jonah was an absolute angel. There was no whining, no fussing, no crying. He didn't have shoes (we left in such a hurry) so he could not get down on the floor. We kept him entertained with Lammy and our Iphones. We both kept pulling up YouTube clips of his favorite shows and that worked like magic!

The clock kept ticking and then we saw our friend Jason Cole. Jason is the Associate Pastor at Parkway Baptist Church in Natchez. He told us that a patient had come in who needed all hands on deck. So, we knew we would be a while. The nurse that discharged us later told us that the patient coded.

After five hours, we finally saw a very nice Doctor, Dr. Farmer. He was very good with Jonah and super complimentary about his behavior. He looked at his eye and knew it needed stitches but hoped he could do the Dermibond glue instead.
He went to get a nurse to help then we all held Jonah down and attempted to glue the wound. I was on head duty. Dan had hands and also pulled his eyelid tight. It was my job to engage him in conversation to keep his mind of of what they were doing. We talked about Max and what color treat we were going to give him, we talked about who we were going to see at Sunday School tomorrow, we talked about what kind of sticker he was going to get, but most of all, we talked about how incredible brave he was and what a big boy he was. I really was amazed.

When all was said and done, he ended up with the glue rather than stitches. He was complimented over and over by his behavior. It was 2 hours past his bedtime and he was a champ. I was so very proud to be his mommy. We arrived there at 4:25 p.m and left at 10:00 p.m. While it was frustrating to just sit and wait, I was so grateful that it wasn't more serious and that we weren't the family needed all hands on deck!
This is what I found on the counter when we arrived home. Poor guy! He hit pretty hard! Oh, I uploaded a short video of Jonah and Dan at the hospital. I told you he was in a great mood!

Potty Training + An uninterested child = FRUSTRATED PARENTS

If you are a faithful reader of The Glenn Gang, then you are quite aware that our little boy has no interest at all in Potty Training. The mere mention of the word "POTTY" evokes screams and tears. (Mainly from Jonah but sometimes from us too! ha) We decided last Saturday would be the day to renew interest. After the third or fourth attempt of just sitting there with no results, Dan got his computer and put the ELMO goes potty video on. Yeah, that didn't help either.

So, this leads me to ask the question. Has anyone ever outsourced potty training and is anyone willing to take on this job? Up until this point, we have felt quite secure in our parenting abilities. We are slowly losing that security! :-)

Don't let the next picture fool you. This is the only smile we got while on the potty. It was only because of Elmo.

Dinner at Macaroni Grill

Remember TELL ME? The puppy Jonah made at Build-A-Bear Workshop? Well, Jonah loves this little puppy. He had dinner with us at Macaroni Grill.

First, Jonah showed him how to hold his hands when we said the blessing. It was pretty sweet.

I guess TELL ME got thirsty at some point because Jonah gave him some of his water from his sippy cup. Then, he gave him a bite of his pizza.

But, if you noticed, you will see that Jonah did NOT share his ice cream with TELL ME. Ice cream is sacred to him and he wasn't about to share with some stuffed puppy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My new game!

Before Christmas, we got a box in the mail with presents from Pops and NeNe. One of the gifts for Jonah was the new Vmotion from Vtech. It is like a Wii for preschoolers but has educational benefits. As you know, we put up many of Jonah's gifts from birthdays and Christmas so we can pull out new toys throughout the year. This was one we put up but it was because we thought he needed a few more months before he would be able to grasp the concept.

I pulled it out of the box and read the instructions then let him play. He loved it. He could not quite understand what he was supposed to do educationally on all the levels but he loved using the controller and playing "his" game!

Thanks Pops and NeNe for such a fun gift. Maybe you can play with him while you are here visiting next week!


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