Saturday, April 11, 2009

Relay for Life Egg Hunt

Last Sunday was the Miss-Lou Team Extreme Egg Hunt for Relay for Life. It started at 1:00 p.m. and we barely made it. We walked up right at 1:00. It is hard to get somewhere on time so close after church. But, we made it.

Poor Jonah didn't understand the concept of waiting for the whistle to start. He kept going under the tape and trying to get an egg. We had to keep pulling him back.
When the whistle finally sounded, he took off. But, he was unimpressed with gathering large quantities of eggs. He found one and was satisfied. We had to keep coaxing him to keep looking.

If you live in our area, then you probably saw Jonah's picture in the newspaper this week. There is a picture of him at the egg hunt holding a block he found. He was so proud of that block. Well, a picture of him holding it ended up in the paper with a line under it saying "Jonah Glenn found more than eggs at the Relay for Life egg hunt!" We said he looked like a remedial egg hunter in the newspaper. Julia was on the front page with a basket full of eggs and Jonah was in the paper proudly holding a block. It made us laugh!
After all the eggs were found, we had to look through them to see if we won any prizes. Jonah wanted to eat every piece of candy he found in the eggs.

We were glad to see Julia, her mommy and Mrs. Rita when we walked up. Jonah and Julia love each other so much so it was fun that they got to experience the hunt together.

We also Matthew and Emily Probst there with their little nieces. Claudia and Madison had a large time at the egg hunt!
When the egg hunt was over, we walked a few feet over to the playground. We go to that playground pretty regularly so Jonah acted as if he owned the place. He loves to run and play and just be free!

After some time playing, we convinced Jonah to get back in his wagon so we could walk home. I don't think he realized home meant nap time. Otherwise, he would have put up a big fight!

Happy Birthday to Logan!

Most of you know Jonah is in preschool at Jefferson Street. He is in the 2 year old class there. It works just like a regular school in that you must be 2 years old as of September 1st in order to enroll. Jonah turned 2 on July 27 and then started that class in September. He is the youngest kid in his class so we have been to lots of 3 year old birthday parties this year. Last Saturday was Logan's party. Jonah was so excited because he loves Logan.

The next two pictures are blurry but I had to post them because of the content. The first one is Jonah and Logan checking out Logan's Buzz Lightyear present. Jonah is obsessed with Buzz and could not understand why he didn't have a Buzz to play with. The next one is of them hugging goodbye. I love to see Jonah love his friends. We try so hard to teach him how to love people and be kind and considerate. (as evidenced by the third picture where he is telling Katie thanks for letting him come to the party!)

After a trip to Walmart, he was WORN out when we got home. He grabbed a blanket from the couch and crawled up in his dad's chair.

A few pictures from the mall playground

Build A Bear

After the Easter Bunny and lunch, we headed downstairs to Build-A-Bear Workshop. I had a gift card that I had really been wanting to use. But, every time we attempted to go, it was so overrun with people that it was not worth it. This time, there were only three other people in the store.

When you arrive at Build-A-Bear, you have to decide what time of stuffed animal you want. There are options ranging from bears to tigers to dinosaurs to unicorns to puppies. Jonah closely examined all of bins of animal but settled on a scruffy looking puppy dog.

After choosing his dog, he moved to the sound selector. You can choose animal specific sounds, a heartbeat, music or record your own. He did not seem overly thrilled to choose a sound and that suited us just fine. We have plenty of things around here that make noise. We were happy to have one toy that didn't.
The next stop was to bring Jonah's puppy dog to life. He had to have it stuffed, put its heart in and then sew him up.

As you can see in the last picture, he got to step on the control that put the fluff in his dog. He thought he was super important.

Notice the hands of Jonah and the worker in the next picture. He was teaching Jonah how to warm the heart between his hands to give it life. Then, he rubbed it on his muscles. (somehow these pictures uploaded twice and it won't let me delete them so just ignore the second set!)

He told Jonah to kiss the heart and make a wish before putting it inside his dog. Jonah wanted no part in that and told Dan to kiss it for him. As you can see, Dan obeyed!

After his dog was filled with fluff, had his heart warmed and inserted and was sewed up, he moved to the bath center. He cleaned his bear and brushed him.

This store is known for the super cute clothes and accessories you can get for your creation. Well, we only bought one item...BIG BOY UNDERWEAR!!! We did this in hopes of potty training Jonah with the example of the dog. (Hey, we have tried everything else!!!!) So, we moved to the dressing room to clothe the dog in his undies!

Before we checked out, we had to create the birth certificate. That required a name. Oops...we hadn't thought of a name yet!! So, we looked at Jonah and said, "Jonah, what do you want your dog's name to be? He responded with "Tell me!" (Which is what he ALWAYS says when he doesn't know the answer to your question!!!) So, I asked him again and he gave me the same response. Dan got down to his eye level and explained that we had to name his new puppy dog and got to pick the name. So he looked and Jonah and said "You can name him anything you want Jonah. What do you want his name to be?" Jonah looked right back at him and said "TELL ME?" So, we looked at each other and said "Tell Me it is!!!" Yes, our new puppy dog was named "TELL ME" and is still called that a week later.

The guy that worked with us was super nice and did an excellent job. He even let Jonah use the scanner to check us out.

I'm so glad we waited for a day when it wasn't crowded to do this with Jonah. He had a blast and so did his mom and dad!

P.S. Stay tuned for posts with TELL ME. He has become quite popular around our house!!


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