Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nursery Duty

I had nursery duty tonight. I got there early so I could nab bed babies. I have been with Jonah all afternoon and thought he would enjoy the break from his mommy. As soon as we got in the car after church, he told me he missed me in his "orange nursery room." So very sweet! But, I got to stay in the other room and play with Eli and Hannah.

They were both in fabulous moods! I'm not sure which of them giggled the most. It was funny to watch. They pretty much didn't need me or Belinda in there. They entertained themselves by staring at each other. Phoenix came in for a few minutes and was totally impressed by Hannah. That little girl loves a baby!!!
It is fun to be around babies at this stage. Everything is new and exciting and brings so much joy. If only we, as adults, could capture that!!

A funny story

I have no idea what made me remember this story from early 2002, but something did and laugh every time I think about it.

America was just a few months out from the horrific day of September 11, 2001. We lived in Northern Kentucky just below Cincinnati. (It was my most favorite place EVER to live. I like to call it 'retail Heaven!" There were more places to shop than I had time or energy. All major sporting venues were within minutes from us. We never lacked for good food or fun things to do. It really was a great place to live.) We left church one Sunday afternoon and had lunch at Fuddruckers with several friends from church. We decided to stop by Best Buy before heading home.

Dan was taking a really long time looking at things so I found place to sit back by the TV's while I waited on him. This young guy that worked there came rushing back to that department and in a very frazzled voice said "Oh my God, we just attacked Afghanistan!" He was completely distraught! The girl he shared the news with was about 22 or 23 years old. She looked at him and said "WHO?" He said "The United States...we just bombed them!!!!" (He was on the verge of tears!) She lets out a HUGE sigh of relief and says "Thank God...I thought you meant Best Buy attacked them!"

HAHAHA! I could hardly contain myself. I took off to find Dan so he could be a part of this conversation. I guess she thought she may be in danger if Best Buy was the one who attacked but since it was just America who did it, she was safe!

I'm still laughing!

I picked Jonah and Julia up from preschool today and headed across the bridge to take Julia home. Julia was super excited to get there today and kept saying "I go to Julia's house!" She said it four times in a row. Jonah throws his hands in the air and exclaims "OK, OK, OK, we ALL heard you!!!"

I laughed out loud! Like, really loud! I couldn't quit laughing but had to call Dan.

Way Back WHENsday!

This picture always makes me smile. It wouldn't have any significance for the average person that looks at it, but for me it does. Dan is laying on the couch, holding his newborn son, talking to his best friend who just had his first son earlier in the day. Dan and Scott Wilson have been friends for many, many years. Scott was the best man in our wedding. Their little boy, Cooper was born on August 5, 2006. That was Jonah's actual due date. Our little boys are now well over 2. 5 years old and have never met!! Welcome to life in the ministry! Both Scott and Dan are ministers, so our weekends aren't usually spent visiting old friends. So, we miss major life events and wait almost three years to meet each other's kids! But, this weekend, they will be here. We are SOOOO excited to see them and meet Cooper. I'm sure our weekend will be filled with laughter and talk of old memories but lots of time watching two little boys learn to be friends just like their daddies! I can't wait!!!

Jonah's purpose in life!

When I was a little girl, I ALWAYS played house. I wanted to be a mommy more than anything else in the world. Well, I also really wanted to be Kirk Cameron's wife but I didn't see much chance of that ever happening so I focused on the mommy job instead.
For years, I prayed and prayed that God would give me a child so that I could be a mommy. It was all about me! I wanted to decorate a nursery. I wanted to pick out a diaper bag. I couldn't wait to dress (or decorate, as Dan says) a baby. I don't think it was until we experienced infertility that my prayer changed from just wanting to be a mommy so I could experience all of those things, but to having a child that would have a purpose in this world.
During our darkest days of desperately wanting a child, our prayers began to center on asking God to bless us with a baby in order to glorify Him...not us! We wanted to help this child come to know Christ at an early age then in turn lead other people to Him.
Little did we know that a little baby boy would enter our world after we were told there was no chance of that ever happening. Pretty soon, words like "miracle" started popping up whenever people would talk about this little boy. In July of 2006, we finally held our little miracle in our arms!
We meet people all the time that tell us how much joy he has brought to their lives. These aren't people who know him and love him. These are people that read about him on the blog and fall in love with him. These are people that know him only on a computer screen. We meet people who say Jonah reminds us that God still works miracles.
As Jonah's mommy, there are so many things I want for him. I want him to be successful. I want him to be driven and disciplined. I hope he longs for an education and does everything in his power to get one. I hope he is kind and compassionate. I want him to know his family and love them.
I hope he puts other people before himself. I hope he makes good grades. I hope that he is a great husband and a fabulous father. I hope is a respected person but also someone who is very respectful. I hope he loves music and excels at it. I hope he is a happy person with a positive outlook on life. I want him to have a strong work ethic.
I want athletics to be a big part of his life because that teaches teamwork and discipline. I want him to know how to win...and lose with class and dignity. I want him to set goals and do his best to achieve those goals. I want him to stand up for what is right, even if it cost him friendships, jobs or status. I want him to be a person of conviction.
Like any parent, I want a lot of things for this little boy. But, tonight I was reading something by Beth Moore and was so convicted by what I read. While I didn't mention (on purpose) any spiritual things in the lists above, there are so many I desire for him. I pray with him every day that he would come to know Jesus at an early age and spend his whole life serving Him.
This is what I read in A Quick Word With Beth Moore...BELIEVING GOD.

"I want a thousand things for my children, and I ask without hesitation. But I want nothing more than for God to be glorified. The only thing that will matter forever is the glory that came to God through their lives."

Talk about perspective! All that will matter forever is the Glory that came to God through the life of little Jonah Daniel Glenn!!! None of those other things have such significance!! WOW!

Now to Him who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think--according to the power that works in you--to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generation, forever and ever. Amen. Ephesians 3:20-21

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baseball season is here!

Unless you live here, you may not realize that we live right across the street from the recreation complex. The high school baseball field is in the backyard of our old house. That house happens to now belong to Cliff and Beppa and is next door to Tim and Belinda. So, rather than paying to get into the ballgames, we just walk down to their houses to watch the games from their yards. Dan had meetings that night so he wasn't home to play with us. So, I loaded Jonah up in his wagon and off we went!
We got to Tim & Belinda's house but they were not outside for the game. That was very unusual. It wasn't long until they heard a certain little boy and Tim came out to say hello. He played catch with Jonah for a little while. Jonah LOVED that. He has a little glove with a velcro patch and a ball that sticks to it. I found it last year at Gymboree and he loves it. It is perfect for his age.

We walked out to the fence so we could get a better look at the game. We stood there for just a minute and he yelled "hey boy, you see MY ball?" Unfortunately, the "boy" never looked at him. Thankfully, he is still to young to notice because I'm afraid the day is coming that his heart would have been hurt by being ignored!

He played ball with B after she came out. He wanted everyone to throw the ball and catch it. Well, until he had the chance to walk Sassy with Beppa.
There are certain things about being a mom that I just adore! One of those things is when I ask Jonah to do something and he does it with all of his might. I told him to run to the tree and back and he took off. His little eyes just twinkled as he ran and stared at me.

This next picture made me laugh. It looked more like a bowling stance than a pitching stance. (Maybe he is gonna take after his daddy after all! ha)

Sue looks like she enjoyed the game, huh? I didn't really think it was cold out there but she was freezing. She also looks asleep. Maybe we were boring her!
I love fun afternoons like this with my little boy. Big events and trips are fun but there is nothing like walking outside and sharing an evening of giggles, baseball, wagon rides and sheer joy with this little gift from God!

Washing a truck!

There are many things that Jonah will not experience on a regular basis with us as his parents. We love our cars but we have never been huge fans of super clean cars. I mean, we like clean cars but we never take the extra time to actually wash them. Our friends Tim and Belinda are a different story. They wash their cars as often as we brush our teeth! So, when we walked down last week and saw Tim washing his truck, Jonah was very intrigued!!!

Tim let him help wash the truck. Jonah had a blast with the water hose and the suds. There was one door on the truck that got sprayed over and over and over. I'm surprised he didn't spray the paint right off of that door!

Thanks to Tim and Belinda, Jonah keeps asking me if he can wash our car! Oh dear! I'm gonna actually have to start cleaning my car so my little boy can help me!!!

Impromptu Picnik

Ever had an insane weekend? We just experienced one. Without going into a lot of detail, we ended up letting someone borrow Dan's car. He left for meetings at the church at about 3:30 on Sunday. He had to take my car. Well, his car showed back up at home around 5:30 p.m. Around 7:00, Jonah looked at me and very sweetly asked for some chicken. Normally, I would fix him something else but he was so precious and kind when he asked. So, I obliged. I was just going to run through the drive-thru so I let him keep his PJ's on and didn't make him wear shoes.

He got so excited and kept saying "thanks for my chicken, mommy, thanks!" It really was so very sweet. Well, we get to the car only to discover there was no car seat. When Dan let them borrow his car, he removed the car seat. When I told Jonah we couldn't go, he cried his little heart out. I felt REALLY, REALLY bad. So, I put him in the center of the backseat, buckled him in and drove 1 mile per hour for the half mile trip to the church. I would never have done that had we needed to get on the main highway. But, since, it was just right up the road from us, I did it. That says a lot if you know how I am about car seats!!! I'm a safety freak!!!

When we got to the church, I ran in to give Dan my keys to his car since his key was at home from when his car was returned. I moved Jonah to my car, buckled him in and off to McDonald's we went. We arrived back home and I struggled to carry Jonah (remember, no shoes!), the food, my purse and his drink inside. As I get to the door, I realize my house key was on the keyring I gave to Dan. We were locked out! AND, it was bedtime!!! By this time, it was almost 8 p.m. so I knew Dan had to be close to finishing his meetings.

So, I did what any good mom would do. I put the seats down in the back of the van and we had an impromptu picnic. (minus ketchup which was a whole other issue!!!)

The video is kind of dark but when I saw Dan drive up, I flipped it on just to catch Jonah's reaction.

Good to be loved!

I had to leave for a little while last night and when I returned, I had the sweetest greeting on our driveway. At first glance, I thought it was backwards but then realized it was to be read as I drove in . How sweet are my two boys???

Good thing we have a really good dentist!

Monday, March 23, 2009


The last breakout session I attended was TRADING PLACES: WHAT EVERY MINISTER WISHES HIS WIFE KNEW ABOUT HIM. This was probably my least favorite session. Not because the information wasn't good but because we have a really good marriage and talk very openly with each other. i found that NOT to be the case with many of the other women sitting in that room. I still took lots of notes because I know they will help someone else. And, don't get me wrong. I did take things away from this conference for us but not as much as the other two I attended. Also, be aware that while this was for wives of ministers, so much of truth in this session applies to all marriages.

50% of all ministry marriages result in divorce. (WHOA!!!) 1500 pastors leave the ministry each month because of moral failure or burnout. Stop now and ask yourself, IS MY MARRIAGE PLEASING TO GOD?

Love is...(Ephesians 5:22)
  • Physical Intimacy
  • Romance
Many women find those three issues hard to swallow because they don't respect the person their husband is. If you can't respect the person, respect the position. God intentionally placed men as the head of the household. If your husband has done something to cause you to lose respect for him, respect the position he holds and ask God to help you learn to respect him as an individual.

Laugh with him: Not at him!
The day of a minister is filled with other people's problems. He needs laughter at home. (Proverbs 17:22)
  • Laughter is a gift
  • Laughter brings emotional intimacy
  • Take the things of God seriously but don't take yourself so seriously
Be Loyal To Him (1 Corinthians 13:7)
  • Become soulmates
  • Unconditionally love him. You are his COMPLETE-ter not his COMPETE-ter.
  • Do not take up an offense for him- God created him to be a warrior
  • Pray for him

Learn With Him. (Proverbs 24:3-4)
  • Spiritual intimacy- a shared spiritual journey
  • By wisdom, a house is built- Wisdom is the ability to see things from God's perspective.
  • By understanding, it is established- Understanding is the ability to respond to any given situation with insight from God's word rather than offering a surface reaction.
  • By knowledge, the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches- Knowledge is replacing ignorance and unbelief with the truth of God so that genuine needs are discerned based on reality rather than human reasoning.
Learn about Him
  • Men and women are different: Celebrate those differences
When the spirit of a man is wounded, the spirit of a marriage is wounded. The following things will wound him.
  • resist his will outwardly
  • be financially independent
  • have a greater loyalty to outside leadership
  • resist his decisions in your spirit
  • retain resentment for past failures
  • fail to build loyalty in your children
  • lack of gratefulness
  • lack of confidence
  • acting as if you know his needs rather than asking him what they are

After this breakout session, I attended a panel discussion only for wives of Senior Pastors. Oh my goodness! That was interesting. Some of the stories I heard in there just blew my mind. Dan has only been in his position for a few years now and I thought I had seen and heard most everything. Nope, not even close.

The major discussion in that room focused on the attitudes and actions of other staff members. Wow! All I can say is we are so grateful for Dusty Carson. We have been there and experienced some of the things talked about in that room. We have said for many years that some of the laziest people in the world work on church staffs. Our thoughts were validated during that discussion. I won't go into all the conversation because it was very personal, but I know of at least six wives of ministers who are reading this that I will share the following information because it was so enlightening to me.

1. Have a positive attitude.
2. You will never know the weight your senior pastor carries on his shoulders. EVERYTHING comes across his desk. Your failures, your successes, the times you are late and unprepared, your bad attitude, your excitement about your job, the way you inspire people, the way you always make excuses...EVERYTHING!
3. If you constantly want to be the center of attention and can't understand why things aren't going your way, then you have serious pride issues. AND, there is no place for pride in ministry.
4. You should be the hardest working person in your church. If there is a churchwide work day, be the first to arrive and the last to leave and do more work than anyone. Don't whine about how tired you are and how hard you have worked all week. Many people there have worked 40-60 hours before showing up as a volunteer. This is your PAID job.
5. If you constantly tell people how tired you are so they will notice how hard you are working then maybe you aren't working as much as you are talking. Work hard and keep your mouth shut, people will notice if you are truly working hard.
6. Be a person of integrity.
7. Make sure your personal spiritual life gets more attention than your public spiritual life.
8. Protect your pastor and other staff.

Somehow, I missed the last 6 points. There were 15 total. I think I did write them down but I can't find that sheet?!?


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