Saturday, February 14, 2009


Dan & I just returned from a wonderful night away!!! My mom came in to keep Jonah for us. I tried not to be THAT mom who told her every move to make with him. While I realize that our routine works for us and he does so well with it, I know that he can vary from it and suffer no long term damage. I did not tell her what time to put him to bed or how he likes to be bathed or even about his nap time. I only showed her where everything was and then headed out the door.

The thing I needed her to know and I did tell her was to be very careful about any drinks. She is a big coffee drinker and Jonah always tries to pick up what we have on the table. He isn't used to things being hot so I told her to be careful with coffee because he will pick it up and possibly spill it on himself.

Well, we returned home tonight and all was well at our house. Mom decided she wanted to drive home tonight so she could be at her church tomorrow and so my grandmother wouldn't be alone on the hill again for another night. So, we all said our goodbyes and off she went. She wasn't out of the driveway good when the following conversation took place.

Jonah- Wanna see?

Me- Wanna see what?

Jonah- Where I picked up Mimi's coffee and spilled it on the carpet!

US- Yes...please show us!!!

Jonah- (walks into the den and points to wet spot next to the table) Right there...I did that! I spilled Mimi's coffee.

Me- (leaves the room to grab phone)

Dan- Nicki, are you calling her?

Me- OH YEAH!!!!! (giggling the whole time!!!)

So, I called mom to ask her if she forgot to tell us anything. She couldn't seem to think of anything. I replayed the conversation with Jonah. She only had one thing to say. "That little SNITCH!"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My little singer!!

I walked in on this concert tonight. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

John Walker's Birthday Party

Last Saturday, our family loaded up and headed to John Walker's birthday party at Grace Methodist church. I wish I had known it was a John Deere theme because my little guy has plenty of John Deere attire as of late!!! The first picture is of John Walker and Marlee Kate. It made me laugh because he hugged her like he was so happy to see her. So sweet!

Dan was the lucky dad to ride on the hayride with the first group of kiddos. Jonah kept saying "That's my daddy, that's my daddy!" I guess he wanted to settle that before any issue arose as to who Dan belonged to.

We got to experience Jonah eating a hot dog. For most parents, that isn't a huge deal. For the parents of a picky eater, it was a welcomed sight!!! He didn't touch the corn on the cob. Oh well, you can't win them all!!!

Noah, on the other hand, LOVED the corn. I think he may have eaten two of them. Jonah would have gladly passed his along to Noah.
Here is the birthday boy mid-blow! He blew those candles out like a champ!! He seemed to really enjoy his big day with all of this friends there.

Sinnott and Marlee Kate are both so used to seeing me with a camera that they just smile when they see me. EVEN if I am not holding a camera. I guess I have a reputation around there as to being the crazy camera lady! :-)

From the looks of Hayden's green lips, he enjoyed his cake. At one point, we noticed Jonah leaned over to Hayden's chocolate ice cream getting a bite. I guess he wasn't pleased with his vanilla!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's your name?

In the past week or so, Jonah has become very interested in "whole names." He knows he is "Jonah Dannell Gwin." He repeats this to us on a regular basis. In the last couple of days, he has grasped that daddy is "Wahbert Dannell Gwin." Because he has such an interest in names, we talk about them all the time.

This morning, he crawled in bed with me and said "What's your name?" I told him my first name. He pointed towards the hall and said "What's his name? I said "Robert Daniel Glenn." His eyes got really big and said "I Jonah Dannell Gwin!" Then I asked him my name. He replied "Mommy Nicki Dannell Gwin!!!" He was so proud that I hated to tell him I wasn't a DANIEL like he and his daddy. So, for just a little while today, I was Mommy Nicki Dannell Glenn!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wednesday Night Church

One of my most favorite things about being a mom is watching Jonah run to his daddy when he hasn't seen him all day. This happens every Wednesday when we get to church. It is such a sweet, special moment that I look forward to every week. The early arrivals to our Wednesday night service love it too. I try to get there 30 minutes early so they can spend a little time together while Dan works with accompanists before the service.

He really likes for his daddy to hold him while he sings and goes over the order of Worship for the evening. He prefers they sing "Jesus Loves Me" or "Bare Necessities" but is okay with long as HIS daddy sings!

The next picture makes me laugh. Look at Dan's face!!! Matthew was being so sweet to let Jonah play with his rain stick and he almost dropped it! YEEKS!

Matthew is such an incredible addition to our Worship team. He plays percussion and adds so much to our services. Sunday, they played a song and when he hit the cymbal, you could hear and audible gasp throughout the sanctuary. He is so gifted...and he loves my little boy!!! He took so much time with Jonah Wednesday night and Jonah LOVED it!!! He even got a few rounds of applause from some church members who were listening to the concert!!

These pictures are vivid examples of SHEER joy. Jonah had a blast playing with Matthew. (and, I think Matthew had fun with Jonah!) :-)

Before church was great fun. After church was NOT! It was time to tell Dan goodbye!! He left church and drove straight to New Orleans. He had class at 8 the next morning. So, he had to tell Jonah (and me) goodbye.

There is the hug that brought the tears! Yeah, several of us cried! It was so sweet to see those two love on each other and say their goodbyes! I know Jonah doesn't understand the significance of what Dan is doing. But, I do hope he understands just how hard his daddy works and how disciplined he is. A lot of people would buckle under the pressure of what he is dealing with these days and he just keeps smiling!

Someone told me Sunday that they continue to be amazed by Dan's maturity and his demeanor. They said he never seems stressed, rushed or unprepared. She said when he walks in choir practice it is like that is the only thing he has on his plate. That says tons about his character. I'm so glad Jonah is growing up with a daddy who is a hard worker and committed to whatever he takes on.

Jonah's moon!!

My child is OBSESSED with the moon! We never take a step outside without looking for the moon. Time of day plays no significance in this. He asks so many questions about "my moon" that I sometimes wish the moon would disappear and never return. When I say obsessed, I want you to understand what I am saying. He talks about the moon at all hours of the day. He asks about it when I go into his room in the middle of the night. He wants to see it as soon as he gets out of the car. It is a bad, bad day when the moon is hidden by the clouds or when sun is out.

Tommy Chandler sent me an email today entitled "Jonah's Moon." I opened it to find 2 great pictures of the moon. I created this little picture for Jonah's room. I thought I'd share it with you. The quotes are all things he says on a daily basis about HIS moon!!


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