Thursday, January 22, 2009

My little computer whiz

I went to Office Depot Monday night to get some things for work. As I was about to check out, I saw a display of software and decided to check it out. There were two different Sesame Street programs made for 2-4 year olds. Most things I have seen in the past start at age 3. So, I decided to get it. He was immediately impressed by the box. He kept saying "That's Elmo, That's Big Bird." I realized very quickly that I should not have let him see this until the software was loaded on my computer. Patience is NOT his virtue!!!
Before we started playing, I gave him a quick lesson on how to use a mouse. Well, it wasn't a quick lesson. A mouse is second nature to those of us who use them all the time. It was anything BUT second nature to my 2.5 year old. It reminded me of teaching my dad to use a mouse the first time. But, after a little bit, he got the hang of it. We still need some practice but overall, he got it.
The first game had you roll your mouse over a certain animal and it would make the sound of the animal, tell you how to spell it and tell you the color of the animal. Every time it would say "owl," Jonah would say, "that's not uncle owl!" In case you don't know, my brother's name is Al and Jonah calls him (in his best southern drawl) Uncle OWL!

He seemed to really enjoy his time on the "compooter." So much so that he asks numerous times a day now to "do that Big Bird thing on mommy's compooter!"

I love experiencing things for the first time with Jonah. It is so fun to see the excitement in his eyes and the joy that something fun brings him. It is even exciting to experience the not so fun stuff with him because it is all a part of what makes him who he is. Have I mentioned lately just how much I love being a mommy?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mia's home!!

Our sweet little Mia is home from an almost 2 week hospital stay!!! Thanks to all of you who have prayed for her. That meant so much to her mommy (my 1st cousin) and daddy. Keep praying for her and leave her a comment to let them know. (They accept anonymous comments now so those of you without blogger accounts can leave one!)

Off to the doctor...but not Docka Russ!

Dan called me at work yesterday to tell me something was wrong with Jonah's foot. He said he was standing in the middle of the room and just started crying that his foot hurt. Dan asked him what happened and he said "Max bit me!" Well, Dan knew that didn't happen because Max was in his lap. He looked at his foot and Jonah wouldn't put any pressure on it or walk. He was getting more upset by the moment.

I told Dan to go get a sucker (Jonah's version of crack!) and hold it up from across the room and ask Jonah if he wanted it. If he took off for that sucker, we would know he was okay. Dan did that and Jonah said "I want that sucker" then started crying and said "Come get me...hold me!" We knew he was hurt!

Dr. Russ's office could see him later that afternoon but I knew if it needed and xray they would send us elsewhere. So, we just went straight to the emergency clinic since they opened at noon. I met them there but it was still about 15 minutes before they opened so we went upstairs to the Internal Medicine Clinic to see Aunt Debra.

She took Jonah to a special drawer there and let him pick whatever he wanted. He gained sympathy points with everyone there because he was limping. It really was very sad to see. After he picked his green sucker from the drawer, we headed downstairs to the clinic.
While in the waiting room, his foot was miraculously healed and he started running and playing. We had a little dilemma because we felt like we could have left but the same time really wanted to make sure he was okay. AND, he had some head stuff going on a for a couple of days so we decided just to have all of that checked out while we were there. (AND, you have to prepay there so I had already paid $50!!)
They took his blood pressure first. I don't think he has ever had that done before. It was so interesting to see his eyes when that cuff started to tighten. HILARIOUS!! (Please excuse his hair...they left the house in such a rush that apparently hair was not a priority!!!)

As you can see from the picture above, he was not very fond of the blood pressure cuff. But, his blood pressure was good. We got back to the room and waited on Dr. Schwager while Jonah had a large time! That kid can find something fun to do in every situation.

Dr. Schwager came in to check his foot and he immediately said "I need you to get Docka Russ!" He wasn't rude about it but very sure of what he wanted. He did allow Dr. Schwager to continue to check him out. And, as we guessed, his foot was healed. There was nothing out of the ordinary. So odd...whatever it was really hurt him for a few hours.

He then moved on to Jonah's head. There WERE problems there. He had an ear infection and possibly the loss of a tube in his right ear. We are on meds for that and will recheck that with Dr. Russ later.

Cute pictures...low self esteem

When Jonah was a baby, I saw some really cute things at Pottery Barn Kids. One of my favorite things was a sweater set (pants and shirt) that was cashmere. It was well over $100 so I (obviously) did not buy it. I really wanted it for his Christmas pictures.
Well, almost a year later, I spotted the same outfit on clearance for $19.99. I jumped on it. The only problem was that they only size left was 3T. I ordered it and it has been hanging in Jonah's closet for well over a year.
Saturday, I was dressing him for a reception when I saw it hanging there. I decided to just try it on him. The pants were WAY too long but the shirt fit great. So, I pulled out his dark khaki corduroy pants and put those on him. He looked precious! We even stopped in the hallway to take a few pictures before heading out. He looked at me once and said "I so cute!" (Little did he know that confidence would soon be smashed in the ground!!!)
Well, we got to the church and a certain "friend" of ours immediately asked about Jonah's shirt. (In that moment, I was really glad the pants didn't fit or he would have been wearing those also!) You see, this shirt has buttons down the back and that apparently made my sweet, precious child the target of jokes! (Yes, jokes from a grown man...picking on a 2 year old!!!!!)
As the reception progressed, my "friend" made sure to point out every individual who commented on his clothes or asked why he was wearing his shirt backwards. When I told him I got it at Pottery Barn, my "friend" informed everyone that Pottery Barn should stick to Pottery...not clothes!
So, in the sweet picture above, you see my little boy hugging his dog goodbye while "wearing his shirt backward!" We are seeking out therapy for him because his self esteem was damaged from all the comments.

So, what do you think? Love it, hate it, would never let my boy wear it, who needs friends like that, (HA) or Pottery Barn should stick to pottery? Come on, comment and let me know! ;-)

Monday, January 19, 2009

In search of a good picture...

When we moved to Vidalia in June of 2002, we were blessed with the most incredible staff situation EVER! Our pastor was Gary Nunn, our youth minister was Jason Walsworth and Dan joined them as Worship Leader. Our families all connected and things just clicked with us. We talk often about the days here when it was all of us together and how wonderful that was. Well, last weekend, Gary's wife and daughter came in from Alabama to spend the weekend. We had a wonderful visit with them and Jonah fell in love!! (Max loved them being here because Kristin gave him the attention he was accustomed to pre-Jonah!!!)

Anyway, in the excitement and fun of the weekend, I did not take one picture!!! GASP!!! So, after they left, I realized I didn't have a picture of them with Jonah and they turned around to come back after I texted Alicia! Are those real friends or what??? (Don't worry, they were still in Vidalia!!!)

Hanging with Hannah

Last Thursday night, Hannah and Marlie Hargon came over to play while their parents had a dinner to attend. Jonah spent his time playing with Marlie then running over to check on "Baby Hannah." He is so sweet and gentle with her.

Hannah turned 4 months old and got the go ahead from Dr. Russ for rice cereal. Diane told me to try it if I wanted. So, since I'm always up for a challenge, I thought we would attempt it. The girl loved it. She did not spit one grain of it back out. I just fed her a little because I didn't want it to bother her tummy but she did awesome!
Jonah decided he wanted to help too! It was a little difficult directing him while holding the camera. I was afraid he would gag her. But, he did great. He wanted to keep feeding her but Hannah gave me a look (see 2 pictures down) that said she would prefer otherwise!

We love have the Hargon kids at our house because it is so fun for Jonah. He runs, screams, jumps and plays with Marlie and then is so tender and precious with Hannah. We get to see both sides of our little guy.


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