Saturday, January 17, 2009

No baby here!

Pictures like these remind me that there is no longer a baby in our house. We have a full-fledged little boy. On occasion, I miss holding this little boy in my arms and rocking him to sleep but then he says something that totally captivates me. Or, he runs to his daddy and jumps in his arms after not seeing him all day. Being mommy to this little blessing is more than I ever imagined it could be!! I loved the newborn and baby stages but this one is so much fun!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Way back WHENsday

All four of these pictures were taken during this week of the past two years. I can't believe we are in the midst of Jonahs 3rd January! What a fun kid he is!!!




I was cutting Jonah's fingernails tonight and he kept squirming. I repeatedly told him "Jonah, you must be still or mommy will hurt you." He continued to squirm and I continued to remind him that I could cut his finger and hurt him. This went on for the entire time I was attempting to cut his nails.

Thirty minutes or so passed and it was time for bed. We went through his entire bedtime routine and I kissed him and left the room. Well, he has this thing lately where he cries or calls you back in the room for some random reason. It is like he lays there and just thinks of something to say to get you back in there. He cried for just a minute and I walked back in there. He quit crying, sat up in bed and looked at me and said "I better not move so Mommy doesn't hurt me!"

Um...hello?? PLEASE do not let my child go to daycare or preschool and tell his teachers that "I have to be still so mommy doesn't hurt me!!!" When you take the conversation out of context I sound like a total child abuser!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Update on the Church Renovation Project

Jonah and I stopped by the church to see Dan this afternoon. We had not been in the sanctuary in a while so we went in for a tour. We have been out of the building for 3 months now and have made TONS of progress. It is exciting to see what all has been done thus far. Our estimated move in date is is May 19th. We can't wait!!!

I think people are most excited about the new ramp seating that will connect the main floor to the balcony. It will really make the sanctuary feel more intimate.

The sound people are really excited about the new sound booth. Jonah checked it out and it got his stamp of approval.

He really, really wanted to play in the sheet rock mud. As you can tell from the look on Dan's face, we did not think this was a good idea.
The window Jonah is looking out of used to overlook grass. Now, you can see how it looks into the new addition. It is going to be a beautiful foyer. But, you won't be able to see the foyer because that window will actually become a doorway into a balcony bathroom.

If only you could have been with us for the next few pictures. You can kind of see that I caught Jonah mid-fall in the first image. He was trying to push the door open but didn't realize there was no glass where the glass used to be. He fell right through the opening. (It was really funny to see the surprise on his face but not funny that it did actually hurt him!!)

He immediately wanted his mommy. It broke my heart that he was so upset. I really think it was more embarrassment than actual hurt. We made sure to "tell dat door NO-NO!!!"

The big curved windows on each side will be filled with stained glass from our old sanctuary. It is going to be so beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Jonah loves going to the church to see what is going on inside during this project. It is fun to see the progress and experience it all through his eyes.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Saturday FUN!

Jonah wanted to play outside Saturday morning so Dan took him out for a couple of hours. While Jonah played, Dan raked and bagged pine straw. I think Jonah "helped" with this too. He was not sure about Dan using his wagon to transport the bags to the road. Dan finally convinced him to help him pull the wagon.

Yes, please notice my poor dog standing in the road. Pre-Jonah, that NEVER would have happened.

At the beginning of the New Year, Dan & I made family goals. We did not want to do resolutions because we knew we would not keep them. So, we each made 12 goals. 3 for me, 3 for him, 3 for Jonah and then 3 for our family. We then came together and combined them to make a solid list of things we want to see happen in our family over the year. One of Dan's goals for Jonah was for him to learn to ride a tricycle. He got a tricycle from the Hargon's for his birthday but wasn't great at the pedaling. This has concerned Dan so it was one of his goals. Well, while I was cleaning inside, Dan comes to the door and yells "Jonah met one of my goals, Jonah met my goal!!!" I looked out to find Jonah pedalling away on his tricycle!!

Our next big goal for him is potty training! We both made that goal and are doing our best to help him achieve it. So far, we have not had good results. But, we press on in hopes that he won't be wearing diapers on the high school football team!
After spending a while outside, it was time for a bath! I bathed Jonah then started to let the water out of the tub when he started swimming from one end to the other. He had such a fun time that I let him play in the suds for another 15 minutes after the water was all gone.

Dan had to leave to go referee the Natchez High School Soccer games. Jonah barely had time to lift his head to give his daddy a hug and kiss. He was in serious play mode.

Max was curious about why there were so many giggles. So, he had to hop up and see for himself. I think he was totally unimpressed.

I love lazy days around the house where we just get to enjoy being a family with so many outside distractions. I sure do love my little family and thank God for such a good life!


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