Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sometimes you just want to cry!

It only went downhill from here. My oh my! What an afternoon with this crabby little guy! Sue, if you are reading, please STOP now!


Cristi said...

What in the world?

Barb said...

oh my word! that's not the Jonah i'm accustomed to seeing. pitiful!

Anonymous said...

TOO LATE, I've already seen it...He is obviously SICK! Poor baby -
I'll be calling to check on him today. I love you little boo-boo! Feel better, Zoo-zoo

4 J's said...

I love that you document EVERYTHING! I could not help but chuckle. Poor child...there was a cassette tape made of me throwing a HUGE fit one time and I still hear about it. As long as you don't show these to future girl friends he will be fine. :)


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