Saturday, December 26, 2009


Stetson Baptist Christian School (the school at our church) does a Santa Shop every year so kids can shop for the families with minimal cost. I picked Jonah up from school one day and took him over so he could shop. All the way there I briefed him on the importance of giving to others and buying for others. Over and over I would ask him who he was going to buy a gift for. Over and over he would say "Mommy and Daddy!"

When we got to the church, I stopped outside the gathering area to talk to him again about GIVING at Christmas and asked him who he was going to shop for. I gave him $10 and asked him again. The answer was the same...MOMMY AND DADDY!

When we opened the door, we were happy to see a group of smiling faces that we knew. Several church members and parents of SBCS students were working the shop that day and gladly helped our little guy shop. I handed off my camera to Ana Hardin and asked her to document his first shopping trip for us. (I didn't look at any of these pictures until after we opened our gifts today.)

The part in italics was copied from a post I did on the blog about this on 12/3

After lunch, we took Jonah to the Santa Shop at Stetson Baptist Christian School. They have a little shop set up where kids can shop for their family members and get the gift wrapped so they can have their own little surprises under the tree. We walked in to find lots of church members who were more than willing to help Jonah shop and spend his $10. We left him in their care with his money and my camera. After some time, Jonah and Kathy Walrath come back to Dan's office with three gifts. One was small and said To Mommy From Jonah. The next one was a tad bit larger and said To Daddy From Jonah. The biggest said To Jonah From Jonah. Kathy said there were some softies in that group who helped him find a present for himself.

Well, being three years old and completely clueless about the whole Christmas gift idea, Jonah wanted to open gifts right away. He gave us ours and told us to open them. We kept telling him that we needed to wait until Christmas. He finally started opening his and said "Christmas is about baby Jesus so that is why I am opening my presents know, okay? Reggie, Dan and I all laughed! Sometimes I am glad other people get to experience these conversations just to prove we aren't making these things up!

After Jonah opened his gifts from Santa and a couple from us, we pulled out the gifts he gave us. I would like to tell you we were surprised but he has told us many times what were in these packages. You know how you always ask "What is this?" as a rhetorical question when it comes to gifts? Well, each time we asked, Jonah told us. This morning was no exception.

I got a super cool "Mother Like No Other" bracelet. In case you didn't know, I am the #1 mom and The World's Best Mom. My bracelet told me so!

Dan walked away with a golf mug. Jonah told him it was for his coffee and that I couldn't use it. I found it odd that he did not tell Dan he could not wear my bracelet.
I must admit, this was one of the top moments of the day for me. Not because of the gift, but because of the giver. Seeing his little face beam as we opened the gifts he chose for us was so very sweet. And, just so you know, the next time you see me, I'll probably be sporting a super cool bracelet that came from the sweetest little boy I know.

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