Monday, December 7, 2009

Our helper

On our way to Florida, Jonah and I stopped in Gulfport at the outlet mall so we could stretch our legs. I stopped mainly because of the nice playground I saw. After he played for a while, we ran into the Disney Store to let him pick a special surprise. He ended up with this Handy Manny tool set. That was September 10. He has played with those tools ever since that day. Anytime he sees some one at our house working, he grabs his tools to help.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to tackle the garage once and for all. We got up that morning and got to work. Several hours in, Jonah saw Dan grab his hammer and he immediately got his tools. He firmly believes he is "helping" us and works with great intensity.

There were a few yard projects that needed to be done also so we moved from the garage to the yard. Jonah found a flower and came straight for me. How very sweet. I know the day will come when his mommy won't be his first choice when it comes to giving away flowers. So, I cherish (and document) the times now.

Be sure to watch our little guy "work" on the video below.

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