Monday, December 21, 2009

Mia's 1st birthday party

We got up early Saturday morning and headed to Tampa for Mia's first birthday party. Mia is the daughter of my first cousin, Brandy. We have lived 13 hours away from them for so long that is seems so odd to be able to drive over to see them in less than 2 hours. We knew about her party far enough in advance that we were able to block off our calendar for the day. That is basically unheard of in December if you are in Ministry. Thankfully, Brandy is a planner much like myself so we knew months ago when her party would be.

When we drove up, Jonah grabbed Mia's gift and headed towards the door. He met Sissy first thing and stopped to give her hugs. Sissy is my mom's younger sister. I was due on her birthday so my mom named me after her.

We walked inside to find Miss Mia playing with her toys and completely oblivious to the excitement going on around her. She had no clue all those people were there to celebrate her.

There was a bounce house set up in the garage and my little guy had a LARGE time bouncing. He loves those things. A couple of years ago, Kmart had one marked down from $299.99 to $119.99 and I passed on it. I keep kicking myself for that. We could have gotten countless hours of entertainment out of that thing.

Jonah had the most fun of the day playing with all of Mia's 9 -18 month toys. Yep, all of the toys that he had when he was a baby were super intriguing to him. Who knew a Leapfrog table would bring him so much joy at 3 years old??

It got time for cake and my flash batteries died right as we sang to Mia. She was completely unimpressed with all the noise that surrounded her birthday song.

Little baby girl loved her some birthday cake. It took her a few minutes to settle into the fact that she could make a mess if she wanted but once she did, she had a ball!!!

I snapped a picture of Mia's one year portrait just so you could see it. She wore the same dress and bonnet her mom wore for her one year portrait. Brandy put one of her pictures in the frame under it. Isn't this cool?
Once the party guests were all gone, we gathered our things to leave when Brandy realized she forgot to do the pinata. Jonah quickly discovered he was the luckiest kid that came because he got to do it all himself. Brandy explained to him how it worked then he got busy pulling strings.

Not only did he get ALL of the candy in the pinata, he also got to bring the pinata home with him. That was completely fine by him because he adores Tinkerbelle!

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Avery's Mommy said...

Mia is so precious, as is Jonah of course! Love that picture in her moms outfit. So special!


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