Thursday, December 31, 2009

Locations change but friends don't!

I sat on my back porch yesterday and watched these three little boys play. They ran, they threw the football, they kicked the soccer ball, they slid, they jumped, they ate snacks, they raced marbles, they drove cars, they dug in the dirt, they had a blast! As I watched them, I could not help but think of how different our life is at the end of 2009 compared to the beginning of 2009. Those three boys playing was such a vivid picture of those changes.

In Vidalia, Jonah's best friends were adults. People there took full responsibility for making sure he was loved and felt special. They knew he lived away from all of his grandparents so they made sure he never lacked for love from a special "aunt, uncle, granny, Memaw, MaMaw, PaPaw, NeNe,etc." He had special names for most all of them and loved them as much as a child could love anyone. Then, the move came. I wondered how he would do leaving those people. I did not want him to forget but I did want him to forge on. I was so excited to realize God would be placing us smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood of kids. Now, his days are full of sword fights, swingsets, legos and racetracks. Well, much like they were in Vidalia but the people he plays with now are much shorter.

The really fun thing to me is that now he has the best of both worlds. Just yesterday morning, we were waiting for Jaxon to come over to play when Jonah looked at the computer and said "Let's call PaPaw and NeNe to talk to them!" I love that he has this great new life but hasn't forgotten the one we left behind. I love that when he hears the names of some of the most special people from Vidalia, that his entire face lights up and he giggles. I love that he asks when they are coming to see him at his new house. I love that he picks up a toy and asks to go to "Zoo-Zoo's house to show her." I love when we walk down the aisle at Publix and throw chocolate chips in our buggy that he says "Those are just like Uncle Marty." I love that every time we eat rice that we have to explain to people who MeMaw is and how he grows rice. I love that every time we see Eli Harper at church that Jonah tells me that "Baby Eli got big and where is Josh and Manna?" I love that he still wonders where B is every time we go to the nursery at SBC. I love that when he prays at night, he still thanks God for so many of those people while adding in new friends from here.

I love most of all that while change is hard and goodbyes are even harder, that we live in the day and age of Facebook, blogs, text messages, IM, Skype, cell phones and twitter. Thanks to technology, we just don't seem so far apart. And, because of that, my little boy has a heart full of love from people all over the Southeast!


Kassi R. said...

I cried. I miss ya'll!

winstead family said...

and i love that you have such an amazing way with words and are able to express your love for your little boy. thanks for sharing this...

melody mccain dowdy said...


Aunt Debra said...

All I can say at this point is AMEN FOR THE BLOG! My day - my life - is blessed because of it. I can't wait each day to see Jonah's smiling face and to hear what "great" thing he has done or said. I hope his moon was as beautiful in Deland as it was here the other night!!!! Love and miss each of you!


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