Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Gingerbread Man

Being home with Jonah has brought out the crafty/domestic side of me. I love doing little projects with my son. He is in to anything that is creative and fun to do. So, I have been on the lookout lately for things to do during the Christmas season.

Jonah spotted this Gingerbread set at Bed Bath & Beyond a few weeks ago and said "I think we should buy this very soon." So, we did! We spent last Tuesday making the Gingerbread man then decorated it on Wednesday. Since it was almost 90 degrees outside, I felt obligated to do something to make it seem more holiday like, so I pulled out his Santa apron.
We opted to make a sugar cookie man rather than a gingerbread man. That was mainly due to the fact that I had a mix for sugar cookies and I would have to make the gingerbread from scratch.

I quickly realized that I would be taking the Kate Gosselin approach when it comes to Jonah's cooking. I saw on Jon & Kate + 8 one time that they NEVER eat anything made by the kiddos. After watching Jonah, I understood why. He would pat some dough in the pan then wipe his nose with the same hand. It was incredibly unsanitary but he had a blast! (and, no one was even going to eat it!!!)
I put the gingerbread man on a cookie sheet to cool so we could decorate it the next day. Jonah wanted to decorate it then and did not understand why we could not do it the same day. Fortunately, I had a sticker project to distract him with. The next day we got everything out to make the icing and decorate the sugar cookie man. Jonah would not start until he put his "Santa clothes" on.

He kept sticking his finger in the icing so I asked if he wanted to lick a beater. He said "HUH?" I may have created a monster. He wanted to do nothing else after that. Even after both beaters were clean, he kept saying "lets mix more so we can lick the things!"

I have a feeling we will use this gingerbread pan many more times before this season is over. Jonah asked if we could make a gingerbread chicken. I'm not exactly sure how that would work but if we attempt it, I'm sure we will blog about it!

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Barb said...

So fun. Jonah looks so proud of his gingerbread man!


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