Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friends at Disney

One of the best things about living in Central Florida is seeing friends who visit Disney. We could think highly of ourselves and believe they are all coming really to visit us but we know the truth. The mouse attracts many people to Central Florida. We are okay with that. We are just happy to see friends while they vacation here. Last Friday, we drove over to Disney to spend some time with two separate groups of friends.
The Johnson's were here on a week long vacation from Liberty, MS. They were Dan's adoptive family while he was on staff at Liberty Baptist Church from 1996-1998. We love their family and see them very regularly. Jonah actually spent our last weekend in Louisiana at their house. We spent Easter with them and discussed this trip and even considered joining them for the week. We never imagined we would live here when they visited.

It is always fun for me to see pictures of us with friends from way back while we hold our own children. The above picture of Jessica, Brody, Heather, Sarah, Dan and Jonah speaks volumes to me. God has been so gracious to allow us to serve Him in different churches and form relationships with people who are now lifelong friends. I love it!

After spending some time with them, Jonah and I headed up into the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house. He turned around at one point and said "Mommy, is there an elevator?"

We did not stay at Disney long that day because I had to head to the Orlando Airport to get Reagan, Malinda and Sara Madalin Brown. Several months ago, they planned this visit to Disney and our house. We were super excited about having them in our home and sharing life with them for a few days.

One of the best things about doing Disney with friends is that you have a built in photographer. Jonah was not super stoked about having his picture taken. He wanted to "ride some rides" and not stop for pictures.

We took Flat Stanley along with us but he spent most of his time in the stroller. Poor, poor Stanley! After a week with Sara Madalin that involved a broken arm, I think he was happy to to just hang out in our stroller.
We kept having to stop for Malinda to take pictures. It actually got a little old. I mean, who takes that many pictures??? (Hello pot, I'm kettle! Very nice to meet you!!!) :-)

The kids always have a blast together. They are 14 months apart in age and act so sweet together. Jonah always seems so grown around her. It is amazing to see how much kids grow and develop in just a year. They had on super cute matching shirts but we somehow missed getting pictures of them from the front without their jackets on.

We got on the Monorail so we could check out some of the resorts decorated for Christmas. The Grand Floridian had a HUGE Christmas tree in the middle, a live band and the World's Largest Gingerbread House. I'm going to go on record saying this place was not toddler friendly. We got out of there ASAP!

We were booked for a 9:30 Harbor Cruise to watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom from a boat. We have heard fabulous reviews for this and booked it back in August. You would know that would fall on the one night that was freezing here and then it rained. Fortunately, our boat captain told us we could reschedule by calling a certain number. Originally, we were told there was a 48 hour cancellation policy and they would not reschedule. I think he felt sorry for those two babies. I'm so grateful he did. That would have been miserable. So, rather than cruising around the Seven Seas Lagoon, we loaded up the cars and headed to DeLand with the Brown Family.

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Malinda said...

Kettle - We DID come to see you - this time. And we'll do it again if you'll let us. We had a GREAT time. And your gourmet cooking was awesome.


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