Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cookies and Milk for Santa

The past few years, Santa has lucked up and gotten to eat homemade cookies on Christmas Eve. This is in no part due to the efforts of mommy or daddy. This is solely due to our special friend in Vidalia, "Uncle Marty." He is one of Santa's favorite bakers around this time of year. He spends days upon days making treats for his friends and family. A couple of weeks ago, I told Dan I was really sad to miss Marty's delivery this year. Little did I know, UPS would be making a special delivery to DeLand, FL directly from the kitchen of Marty Probst! AND, being awesome like he is, he pretty much knew we would need "Uncle Marty Cookies" to give to Santa so he had those bagged separately.

Jonah was thrilled to put out the cookies and milk for Santa but he was also more than willing to taste both. He took a big drink of milk and downed a couple of cookies.

I sure hope Santa did not mind half-eaten cookies and milk with crumbs in it!!

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